Video of 15 minute MGS4 demo will go live tomorrow at 11AM EST

The final chapter of Hideo Kojima-san Playstation 3 exclusive, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots; Will be showing a 15 minutes demo tomorrow at 11am est. Check the website for details.

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Kokoro5422d ago

Hideo was also playing the game tonight. So i guess it's him playing again showing what he has worked on for so long.

Lifendz5422d ago

since that was the main gripe of a lot of people about the E3 trailer.

Don Carleone5422d ago

the girls stiff hair did kill some of the realism negatively,
unlike the badass unrealistic fight at the end.

D_U_I5422d ago

Getting my ps3 start of 2008 just in time for killzone 2 and MGS4!!

ShiftyLookingCow5422d ago

if you don't have a PS2, get PS3 now, as you know GS+EE is going out

computer5422d ago (Edited 5422d ago )

Can someone please answer my question:
Is this 15 minute demo in ADDITION to the demo he's supposed to show tonight? I am so confused.. on 1up they said they will start live-blogging the party starting 1:30am pst:
So how are they going to show the demo at 11am est?
+bubble to whoeever answers =]

edit: thank you aznsniper, I guess that sort of clears it up

AznSniper5422d ago

The 15 minute demo video is going up on the official website after the event at 11 A.M. EST.

ShiftyLookingCow5422d ago

nice find, AznSniper, +1 bubble 4 u and Kokoro

mikeslemonade5422d ago

I guess that's when the embargo ends similiar to killzone 2.

I'm more excited to see how this game looks and plays than killzone 2 because killzone 2 the bar was set to high in 2005. I know MGS4 will look great but i want to see some crazy physics.

Kaneda5422d ago (Edited 5422d ago )

we want demo...

Edit: I meant demo that we all can play...not watching gameplay...

kilgore5422d ago

its a video of a demo, Kaneda

mikeslemonade5422d ago

To me watching a demo is almost the samething as playing demo. If you see the whole thing the whole thing would be spoiled already and then when you play it you have already seen everything that has happened. Nonetheless im excited to see the game. If they said the game is playable tommorow then hell yea i would be even more excited, but watching a demo is just almost as good playing it especially if the video quality is good.

And dammit i have to get up at 8 in the morning so i can see it the earliest as possible. I wonder if there are blogs writing about there intial impressions right about now.