Above Snakes: Lessons from Red Dead West

Bitmob Juan Letona writes: The developer of the Grand Theft Auto series, a franchise that goes punch for punch in fan-boy loyalty with the Super Marios and the Halos, is a trendsetter. Rockstar Games with GTA, Bully and now Red Dead set the bar for interactive media. If developer houses were to be ranked by which rap star they are, Rockstar is Jay Z. Sauve. Charisma. Forward thinking. And with the newly released title, Red Dead Redemption, developers from different houses should take the lessons taught from the Rockstar Games team. When it comes to Rockstar Games we are left never less than marvelous works. The push the envelope and with RDR, they raise the bar for games to come in the 3rd person open-world genre.

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One thing i DID learn about snakes: