IGN: ModNation Racers: The Coolest Content - 06/09/10

Each week, it seems the user-created content in ModNation Racers is getting better and better. Players are unlocking items in career mode and putting them to use on their characters, people are sharing karts and stickers, and little websites are popping up all over the Internet so that artists can talk shop and strut their stuff.

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N4GAddict3056d ago

A lot of great user-created stuff there.

ChozenWoan3056d ago

changing the gaming world forever.

TotalPS3Fanboy3055d ago

Every kid wanted to be the Green Ranger back then. LOL.

SpitFireAce853056d ago

this game ASAP been playing RDR to much.

spunnups3056d ago

Very impressive. I gotta go find some of this stuff.

KillaFreedom3056d ago

The green power ranger made me shat brix.

T9X693055d ago

lol I was just in the Modspot with you about 20min ago.

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