PS3 HOME: Apartment Customization Video

Check out this video showing the customization for an apartment in Home for the Playstation 3.

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geachy4925d ago

if some tells me how to get the video code, i can put it on this pasge because i thought i did

ReconHope4925d ago

gametrailer. just copy the embed and put it in video attach in title/description/story image section.

Audiggity4925d ago

What was that??? Haha. The concept has potential, Little Big Word/Planet looks a lot more fun though.

I guess you design a room to sit in, for all your friends to join, so you can all just chill out and wait for games? Sign me up! (I'm sure MS will take a stab at something similar)

eLiNeS4924d ago

Man, I hope M$ is smart enough to stay far away from anything like this. If anything, copy the Wii remote, not this complete waist of time. I guess I am just to old for stuff like this. Fony boys can have this all they want.

Luca Brasi4925d ago

the player had a bad taste.
Sony should have auctions of real-world replicas of homes with furniture in the game...
or at least have the option to have pre-designed homes for people who like in the video suck at designing.

"I'm sleep'n with the fishes"

Milton4925d ago

If I had to design my home, I would make it like my cubical at Initech.
-I would fill the cubical with TPS reports
-and finally finish it off with a red Swingline stapler, oooh yeah!

Don Carleone4925d ago

Luca, Luca, my boy, look what they've to my boy!

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The story is too old to be commented.