NBA Elite 11 | E3 Trailer

*Tags have been added sorry for any inconvience* So the name has changed from NBA Live to Elite. But has the gameplay changed?

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CYCLEGAMER3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

The graphics can use a boost, but the controls look promising!

Edit: Why is there a "bad report" on this? It is legitimate E3

Biggest3106d ago

This looks horrible. I can't remember when Live was a good game. Was it '98? The trend looks to be continuing.

CloudGamingHub3106d ago

just i forgot to add tags. all is fixed now :) enjoy

Dellis3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

LOL at the critics being proved right, this looks worse then the SONY NBA games now

Krugsy3106d ago

NBA Live has been falling further and further behind 2K in terms of quality of product. The re-branding is an obvious move to regain some of that ground lost to 2K. I think its interesting that a lot of the critical insight shown at the beginning at the video are also thinly veiled attacks on the 2K product, as those are similar gripes that people had with NBA2k.

Oh well, looks like 2K is completely ready for this new approach by garnering the services of Michael Jordan and to a lesser extent, Snoop Dogg. Jordan alone could sell the 2K product by association alone.

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