G4TV Review: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker says: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker feels like a lost and undiscovered MGS title that was just excavated from the height of the PlayStation 2 era, and ported to the PSP. There's a lot of immersive gameplay, and some nice innovations, but gamers are going to have to jump the hurdle of the controls to really enjoy it.

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Nike3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

I don't want anyone to take it the wrong way - the various positive reviews of MGS: PW speak volumes about the game's quality - but I just can't agree with G4 on anything ever since they criticized Mario and called Zelda a "watered down RPG".

Again, I speak not on the quality of this review. Just on their overall logic, in general.

NikoleSmash3142d ago

I can't comment on MGS since I haven't played yet however I can say that I am a huge Zelda fan and I think it is a watered down RPG. It's an amazing franchise, OoT is the best game I've ever played. However, in the grand scope of JRPGs and BioWare-RPGS, Zelda isn't a full-scale RPG like they are. That's what it means it when you say it's watered down.

Nike3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

At times, it's an adventure game, at others a puzzle game. Sometimes it's a third person action game, and it has elements of first person shooting, platforming and yes, RPG level progression with the upgrades for weapons, armour, health, magic and whatnot.

While one may look at it as not being as full-scale an RPG as others, I just found it dumb that they could make such sweeping generalizations about Zelda in general. It just brought to mind how every one looked at Metroid Prime when it was first unveiled and dismissed it because it looked like a first person shooter.

As far as I'm concerned, there's a formula for Zelda and Nintendo is melding several genres together to expertly bring out that formula in gameplay. Bioware has their own formula of development and progression in character and traits, not to mention the over-arching effect of long term decisions. Similarly, Disgaea has it's own formula, and similarly, Grandia II had it's own formula. Role-playing games in the past decade or so have begun outgrowing the narrow definitions that genres bestow on them - moving beyond just being about stats, items and battle systems, and becoming more truly about playing a role as seamlessly and believably as possible.

deadreckoning6663142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Me too. I bought GOW3 based on G4's recommendation and I sold it back within 2 weeks. In fact, I thought GOW2 was a more entertaining experience overall.

@Disagrees- Why are you disagreeing with my opinion? And no N4B I didn't come here to troll. I mentioned GOW3 cause it was the biggest dissapointment I've had with a game this gen and I was fooled by Adam Sessler's glowing review. U people really need to grow up.

By your logic, I can say that u guys were trolling. Yeah, u guys waited for someone to badmouth MGS(or Sony) to disagree with them. Please get a life. All I'm doing is stating my humble and honest opinion and if that doesn't coincide with the pathetic PS3 fanboy religion that many people on this site follow then so be it.

I played through GOW3 TWICE and IMO its overrated. I can't control the fact that there are people who are too sensitive to accept another persons opinion. I attacked NO ONE, yet you attacked me by saying I'm "trolling" how the hell is that fair? You have an opinion..let me have mine!

For PS3 fanboys, differing opinion = trolling

N4BmpS3142d ago

Omg you know what that means? You can develop your own opinion...Sure it sucks to me since I love GoWIII but you were really just trolling to take a shot at GoWIII lets be honest. Just saying.

Megaton3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

In b4 post disappears for trolling. The new system is pretty destructive with opinions.

While I completely disagree with your stance on GoW3, there are plenty of popular games I can't stand either. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

solidjun53142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )


Also, would you stop writing as if you're whining. We get your spiel, it's your opinion. It's okay but it seems like you're yelling over the keyboard. just saying.

nycredude3142d ago

WTF are you talking about? What does GOW3 have to do with this? It averaged a 93 on metacritic so obviously not just G4 recommended it. GOW 2 might be a better game, it's up to individual opinonion but that doesn't make GOW 3 suck. Make some sense man. I though MGS 3 was the best of the series but I love MGS4 nonetheless.

TheAwesomessMan3142d ago

Question: Was there any 360 game that you thought was good b/c someone said it was but found it isn't and took it back?

Odin7773142d ago

I will disagree with your opinion if I damn well please. I loved God of War III, ergo I don't agree with your stance. Pretty simple stuff.

Elimin83142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Yet, you played through it TWICE? Why didn't you give up after the first play through?????

For me, if the games sucks, I don't even get past the second let alone the first level....

My 2cents

Elvfam5113142d ago

Take A Day Or Two Off N4G It Might Help You Out.

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Megaton3142d ago

I haven't even watched X-Play since... geez... 2007 probably. Made their show very 360-centric and started handing out 5's like GamePro. Used to be pretty rare for a game to get a 5 from them.

Colonel-Killzone3142d ago

Tbh Morgan web was the one who bashed Mario. Adam sessler on the other hand praised Mario.

N4BmpS3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Yeah Morgan Didn't even bash Mario, she like many on this site said how she felt about it now.

And since I can comment any more more Deadreckoning, I really don't care about your opinion but when a person goes out of the way and comments about a game that was wasn't spoken of I have to think to myself "is this guy trolling or what?" There is nothing wrong with thinking GoWIII is overrated but you didn't even have to mention GoW at all. So obviously you wanted to take a shot at GoWIII. Sorry I calls it how I see it.

ReservoirDog3163142d ago

Well actually they have nothing but good to say about Mario. They gave it a 5/5. The only one who doesn't like SMG2 (and even 1) was morgan webb. Just feels it's too kiddy. Whatever. She does love Ratchet and Clank though.

From G4TV though, Adam Sessler's word is still gold though.

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zootang3142d ago

You can download and play Metal Gear solid 1 on the PSP

N4BmpS3142d ago

I like G4's reviews (some not all) some I'll agree with others I won't as members of the gaming community we must realize, we won't agree with what everyone says about a particular game. I happen to know that G4 holds Zelda and Mario on a high plain of appreciation (they say it alot actually) so maybe that's why they say it's watered to down in comparison to ME and other JRPGs.

bunfighterii3142d ago

wtf are people on about zelda for?

Can't wait to get my hands on Peace Walker. I'm tempted to upgrade from my PSP-1000 for it too...

darkdoom30003142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Long winded cutscenes???

thank god!

One of the things that dissapointed me about portable ops was that there weren't much cutscenes.

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