IGN: Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the '80s Review

Think you can ever get enough of Guitar Hero? We don't, so long as RedOctane and company keep kicking out killer track lists. Unfortunately, that's not exactly the case with Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the '80s.

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Daxx5419d ago

GH3 is probably going to get better reviews for it's next gen console version. Can't wait for the 360 version, the online verses is really what is going to sell it. Also I'm a fan of 80's rock so this is an instant buy for me anyways.

panicked_kernel5418d ago

Sounds like this title has just slipped for me from being a must buy (loved GH1 & 2) to being a "ill play Holy Diver when im drunk at my friend's house"... will i ever get to jam out to some CSN&Y or even some Jethro? There is still hope... rock band doesnt include a flute does it? ;)