Take-Two: Expect more BioShock

TVGB: "Take-Two’s second quarter fiscal 2010 results conference call today has made the company’s intentions regarding the BioShock franchise clear; it has “a long life [ahead of it] indeed”."

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8thnightvolley3052d ago

i am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. bioshock2 thou was good didnt measure up to the awe of the first and left me feeling the game was abit pointless who ever take 2 gives to handle this title needs to have a gd imagination for how to make the game stand out. if its the same studio they need to not be too linear

ultramoot3052d ago

I find both games boring, sadly. There's something about moving around within narrow passages underwater that just don't do it for me.

scofios3052d ago

I dont think you can make bioshock into a multiple franchise like madden , fifa , call of duty ..... , bioshock secuals need time to make it great , a copy paste job like call of duty ..... won't do the job for bioshock . they need to take their time to develop the next one , if they want to wow us again like the first one did.

SuperStrokey11233052d ago

As long as the games are good and make sense i see no issue with this... just dont milk the damn thing only to make money

Kurt Russell3052d ago

Bioshock 2's DLC left me dubious of buying anything more :/