PS3Vault: E3 Schedule and Coverage

E3 2010 is coming up quickly and PS3Vault will be covering the landslide of information straight from the show floor. If that’s wasn’t enough, we will also be attending 3 major press conferences, Ubisoft, Sony, and Konami, bringing you live footage and commentary from each event.

PS3Vault has also set up appointments with various publishers insuring that you get the latest hands-on reports about the games you care about. Curious about our appointments? Do you have burning questions that need answering?

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jay23054d ago

Can anyone tell me all the E3 press confrances in GMT?

borisfett3054d ago

If it's GMT+0 (middle of the world, UK, Ireland, etc) then simply add 8 hours onto the clock.

jay23054d ago

Thanks, wasn't sure what time differance was going to be.

WildArmed3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

lol thanks!

I was just about to ask when MS's conference starts.

Monday and Tuesday are going to be a blast!

I dont think i'll be able to get some sleep during the next couple of days.

May God have mercy on our souls, because this year we might get alot of heart attacks!

I"m rooting for the best E3 yet!
(You better show some MGS:R Gameplay!)

xyxzor3054d ago

Ubisoft Press Conference 5:00 PM PST = 12:00 AM GMT (June 14th)-15th
Sony Press Conference 12:00 PM PST = 7:00 PM GMT (June 15th)

It would be a 7 hour difference I believe.

xyxzor3054d ago


I believe he's right ;)

jay23054d ago

Thanks you two, is it's 8 or 7?

xyxzor3054d ago

Use this:

Everything is telling me 7 hours because of that daylight savings crap.

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The story is too old to be commented.