DRM: Is Steamworks The Way to Go?

Wednesday Jason Bergman, Senior Producer at Bethesda Softworks, said that the upcoming game Fallout: New Vegas will use Valve's Steamworks for its digital rights management. While the mention of DRM sends a shiver of dread down peoples spines, this might actually be a good thing.

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pwnsause3051d ago

Steam DRM is the Best DRM. better than stupid UBISOFT and their gey DRM.

Pandamobile3051d ago

SteamWorks is an awesome DRM. It's the only DRM that adds features to the game. For example, you can get Steam achievements, extremely detailed stats tracking, SteamCloud and all sorts of other great things.

Kalowest3051d ago

Steam is the best DRM, your right as always. Why the hell do you have 2 bubbles.

Pandamobile3051d ago

I was down to 1 bubble the other day because I made a comment about Gabe Newell that wasn't negative.

I got back up to 2 after I called Microsoft retarded. This website works in mysterious ways.

chak_3051d ago

nah, just praise PS3, insult balmer and say how awesome KZ3 will be.

You'll be up to 10 bubbles in no time.

thebudgetgamer3051d ago

i downloaded it on my laptop but its a piece of crap and wont run.

Faelan3051d ago

I agree. Steam has been good to me so far and has actually turned me away from the path of piracy. Not because of the DRM making things impossible for me though. I can still get an illegal copy of whatever I desire if I put my mind to it. No, it's simply because of the convenience, features and great offers that Steam brings. I feel rewarded when I buy something on Steam rather than punished. That's frankly the best way to go about DRM IMHO. It makes me want to come back. Ubisoft needs to learn something there and learn it fast.

(bubble up from me btw)