New Super Smash Bros. Brawl Screens

The Nintendo Wii version of the unstoppable fighting franchise. Check out the new screens.

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ReconHope4925d ago

looks so hot!!! Samus will you marry me?

MACHone4925d ago

After recently finding out that once Samus Aran performs her Final Smash, her suit falls apart and she becomes Zero Suit Samus, I wonder if this means you will only be able to play as Zero Suit Samus in the previously mentioned manner, or if she'll be selectable from the character select menu?

timmyp534925d ago

hopefully it plays like melee

jigaman4924d ago

This game is gonna be awesome! The screens look amazing. The level designs are so much better with more craziness happening in the background. The big topping on the cake (for me) is online play! This combined with a slew of more playable characters, items, moves, stages, game modes, will make this game a huge success! This is a definitely a day one purchase!