E3 2010: The Games That May "Shock and Awe" You

Yes! It’s the return of your favorite videogame character in a brand new game and this is the trailer for it! Welcome to E3 a land of Shock and Awe. What games will come out of nowhere this year and knock everyone off their feet?

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Lionhead3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

I honestly don't see any of these happening this E3 :(

Other than Mortal Kombat

poindat3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

Me neither. I think that Kingdom Hearts is perhaps one the most plausible considering the rumblings of a "new Kingdom Hearts", but that announcement would be better suited at TGS.

The one thing that is worrying me about E3 this year is all the big name games that are slipping out (intentionally) beforehand. Killzone 3, Infamous 2, Motorstorm, etc. all would have made for great announcements at the Sony conference. This either means that we're going to get a conference full of motion-control demonstrations (as Microsoft is doing) or Sony's got a hell of a lot of surprises lined up for us. I haven't really seen any of the leaks from Microsoft or Nintendo, but I can't say whether that's a positive or negative sign either. Perhaps then, what will "shock and awe" me will not be game announcements themselves, but the inclusion of playable demos for games that we have yet to see any gameplay from. And a GT5 release date. :)

But hey, whether this E3 turns out to be the biggest and most exciting event in recent history as is promised, or it is just more of a showcase for some recently announced games (and motion control of course), nobody can really complain. E3 is intended for industry insiders and company investors, yet we gamers have sort of taken it on to be an event intended for and directed towards us. But it isn't, which is sort of funny.

But anyways, whether there are any of these surprise game announcements or not, I'm sure we're going to get a bunch of good information out of the conference. It sure has a lot to live up to with the success of last year.

crapgamer3051d ago

Sony is planning on the Move taking up most of their E3, which is why so much is being announced so early. Microsoft has played things close to the chest. Having a second show, strictly for Natal is going to allow them to really surprise their fans. Nintendo always has something up their sleeve as well.
This list is bad however. No Star Wars Battlefront 3, no Ninja Gaiden or Dead Or Alive, not even a Lost Odyssey 2.

MaxOpower3051d ago

AS3?! Have they not even heard of AS: Brotherhood.

NovaXz3051d ago

AS:Brotherhood isn't AS3

MaxOpower3051d ago

I know It's not, but whats the odds of them showing AS:B and announcing AS:3 at the same time. Well no way near "65%".

NecrumSlavery3051d ago

It's announced, but still a mystery, so I'm hoping for a major shock and awe on the sequel to arkham asylum. The game should have a new title

fsoldato3050d ago

You and me both, I would assume we get a new trailer, maybe some gameplay this time. If not at E3 then at Comic-Con or sure.

Jackel20723051d ago

well we know there will be some sort of Half Life announcement at E3. i hope EP:3 just turns into HL:3 but i dont know...

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