NPD: Game Industry Sales Up 31% in June, Up 43% for First Half

GameDaily BIZ has received the latest NPD video game sales data, which reveals total sales of $1.1 billion, a 31 percent increase year-over-year in the U.S. during June. Year-to-date, for the first half the game industry is already at an impressive $6.1 billion, tracking ahead of last year's sales by 43 percent.

Console hardware in particular has seen the most growth. Console hardware grew 69 percent in June to $268 million and it grew 98 percent to $1.7 billion for the first half. Portable game hardware was actually down 6 percent in June, but that didn't stop the Nintendo DS from absolutely running away with the top spot once again. Nintendo's handheld sold 561.9K units compared to the PSP's 230.1K. The top selling console was the Wii with 381.8K, followed by the 360 with 198.4K and the PS3 with 98.5K.

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The PSP has sold 290.1K in June.

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kingofps35418d ago (Edited 5418d ago )

Nintendo -> DS: 562, Wii: 382 = 944 :)

Sony -> PSP: 290, PS2: 270, PS3: 98.5 = 658.5 :P

Microsoft -| 360: 198 = 198 :(

[email protected] Jason xg1
"You wanna band aid for your ouchy?" Actually, your mom will need one of those after I am done with her.

Hey! Look everyone, Jason xg1's mom is already excited with the NDP results.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5418d ago (Edited 5418d ago )

top ten June
Forza Motor Sport rank 5
The Darkness rank 10
Tenchu Z rank 13
Transformers 360 rank 17
Dirt rank 20

2nd list
top ten YTD
Guitar Hero 360 rank 6
Crackdown rank 8

You know what i dont see on any of those list? thats right nothing absolutly nothing for the PS3. Lots of stuff for the great console PS2 but nothing for the Blu-Ray player, opps I mean PS3 gaming console.

So sad "The PS3 was up somewhat, but still couldn't break the 100K mark in the U.S. in June"

Boo hoo "The top selling console was the Wii with 381.8K, followed by the 360 with 198.4K and the PS3 with 98.5K."

What is realy sad is you had to combine all of Sonys sh!t to try and 1up the 360. Do you even know what next gen means?

You wanna band aid for your ouchy?

razer5418d ago

So we are now adding up all of Sony's game devices and putting it against the 360.

Sneaky, very sneaky...

Every PS2 sold is one less person buying a PS3 and even a 360 for that matter.

Daewoodrow5418d ago

indeed, interesting logic the boy has. Covering up the fact that the 360 outsold the PS3 in June by adding PS3 sales to PSP sales and PS2 sales.

That should be annoying, but how could you be annoyed by it when it's just so funny?

NextGen24Gamer5418d ago (Edited 5418d ago )

This is the 3rd or 4th month in a row that the Ps3 has been under 100k. I guess we will see next month how the temporary 100 dollar price cut has effected sales for July. Hopefully they at least break the 100k mark....WOW....

A tad off topic....But New Line Cinema has decided to not only support HD another Blu ray supporter goes to HD dvd....Disney is really the only other one that is holding out. But they support MS's online download service for 2 dollars a pop...In HD as well. Fox is still waiting before they decide. I have a feeling they are next to also support HD dvd. Of Course Sony will hold out as long as they when the people speak....ala buying HD dvd stand alones 3 to 1 over blu ray....The movie studios listen...

Back on topic....August and September will be huge for MS....Console sales will rise to at least 300k to 400k a month. They have been at 200k a month recently even without any big game releases....WOW

razer5418d ago

I didn't realize that HD-DVD was starting to pull studio support. And to think people were calling it dead just a month ago. I see 300 is coming out on HD-DVD next week that should be an excellent purchase. I don't know if it's coming on Blu-ray as well?

JasonPC360PS3Wii5418d ago

Ah ha ha ha ha thanks for the smile bro. You fell for that and ended up making it look worse LOL.

Al5418d ago

but its still pretty bad to be selling under 100K three times in a row.

timmyp535418d ago

to see exactly how big of an impact the 100 price drop has had. Alot of positive sales stories so we will see.

Al5418d ago

Its all about the NPD sales chart

Dr Pepper5418d ago

If they think sales are impressive for the first half of the year (up 43%), just wait till the fall season rolls around.

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