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MK_Red4132d ago

I think Gamespot is the only site thats giving Mercenaries 2 so much credit. Best Action game? And where is the fighting category?
I also believe that they're being a bit unfair about Fallout3. \

But one thing that I love is that they give Burnout the racing prize as almost all others istes have done. This new Burnout Paradise must be a monster, topping PGR4 and NFS:PS.

Al4132d ago

No Mass Effect love. Oh well. The LBP award was well-deserved- its a pretty cool game (another reason to chalk up the PS 3)

beast4132d ago

I can play all the games of the final nomniees ...

Killzone, Bioshock , Burnout Paradise, Mer 2, LBP

Rhezin4132d ago

....and that's why I hate Gamespot.

razer4132d ago

Very disappointing considering anyone with eyes that has seen it in person is raving about it.

Never liked Gamespot much anyways..

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