Cliff B Responds To “Japan Can’t Keep Up” Quote & Flamewar Journalists, Apologies Follow

Ripten shares their opinion on the Cliff Bleszinski quote debacle, what was implied by CVG, Cliff's responses on Twitter, flamewar journalism, the apologies issued by CVG and Xbox World Mag, and what we could all stand to learn from the ordeal.

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DA_SHREDDER3051d ago

Its so ironic Cliffy B, isnt it? Its only okay to flame when its not your game they are talking about, huh little Cliff?

deadreckoning6663051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

Ummm....yea. Why would he talk crap about his own game? Common sense much? And please..try actually reading the article. The only crime Cliffy B committed was being misquoted.

"I would have to say Cliffy B can't keep up cause he uses that outdated UE3"

You mean the outdated UE3 engine that was behind Gears of War...the most successful new IP this generation. Trust me, I think he's keeping up just fine :P

cayal3051d ago

Gears of War is no where near close to being the most successful new IP

Bnet3433051d ago

Didn't Gears 1 and 2 each sell 5 million copies? I can't think of a new IP that did that this generation. So I would say dead is right.

ShinMaster3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

"Successful" doesn't mean anything. The engine is still outdated.
I've seen plenty of flat 2D effects like fire and textures.

KongRudi3051d ago

Not that I have the numbers ahead of me right now, but I believe Assasins Creed, might be a more sucesfull new IP this generation, if we're looking at PS3/360 atleast.

If we include Wii in this generation, there is a few new japaneese Wii-titles wich is much more sucesfull aswell..

However, Gears-franchise might be the most sucesfull new IP wich is exclusive to the 360.

Boody-Bandit3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

You are saying sales equal quality and success.
I think Uncharted, Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed are all better than the Gears of War series. Gears of War was a fantastic game but the sequel, IMHO, was a mess online and the single player felt rushed. It didn't really have an ending.

Without question my favorite new franchise this generation is Uncharted and I would give most improved sequel to Assassin's Creed II with Uncharted 2 a very close second.

I mean if you are going to go strictly by sales than Wii Fit and Wii Sports are the best new IP's this generation. See how pointless sales are?

Seriously. I am not trying to be a jerk here but the whole sales = anything but popularity and good marketing is just pure nonsense. I mean look at how many great new IP's we had this generation already. It's all just a matter of individual preference and opinion.

I mean I really enjoyed Bioshock, Infamous, Little Big Planet, Heavenly Sword, Crackdown, the ones I mentioned above, and so many others I cant even remember now. 1 of my favorite games to start this generation was Kameo. I want a sequel to that game in a bad way. I love platform titles.

How can anyone simply say game X = best new IP this generation? What you feel is the best others wont. Does that mean you, I or they are wrong? Some of my favorite games this generation were rated below 9/90 and a couple barely hit the 8/80 mark overall.

So no deadreckoning isn't right merely based on sales. If sales were the case Wii games would be the best this generation, period.

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Mista T3051d ago

I would have to say Cliffy B can't keep up cause he uses that outdated UE3

Alcon Caper3051d ago

Oh look someone who made the first post who didn't read the article. Next time read the article, so everyone doesn't think you're worthless.

Bnet3433051d ago

He didn't flame anyone or anything. Some jackass made up it up. Learn to read articles next time.

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ClownBelt3051d ago

And this is the main reason why I said the media is one of the biggest problem in the industry. It's not about honest journalism. It's all about getting hits and getting popular nowadays.

FrankDaTank3051d ago

this serves as a good example of what can happen if media continues down that path.

FanboyAttack3051d ago

Cliff handles it pretty well though

FrankDaTank3051d ago

agreed userthree. and its nice to see that the outlets have already apologized to him.

Alcon Caper3051d ago

This happens too often, though. A simple apology after the fact doesn't completely repair the libel CVG has wrought on this guy's reputation.

There should be penalties... ...maybe the "journalist" who wrote the article will get fired...

dragonelite3051d ago

nah they already damaged their reputation with their shitty ass recycling news with taken out of context quotes.

So a lot of websites do it eurogamer for examples place news article with selective quotes of a interview they posted some days before.
I could remember a lot of Halo:Reach quotes and stuff.

deafwing3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

... the thing is to is that consumers don't make it any better. More than enough times, I've seen, readers will just take the title of an article and run with it. "Man, jumps to the moon, declares Gaming Irrelevant!" for example. Imagine the uproar.

Writers will give their articles flamboyant titles to garner attention but the contents of the article itself tend to read otherwise. Writers bold enough, like the CVG one, will sometimes flat out put words in people's mouths. A boycott of this location is all that is needed.

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FrankDaTank3051d ago

in fairness alan, cvg was quoting a source which admitted a misquote of their own. still, the way cvg arranged the quotes and what they said leading up to them is misleading. so in that regard, i agree with you.

dirigiblebill3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

"It's all about getting hits and getting popular nowadays."

I know, imagine the nerve - a mass media outlet publishing articles to attract readers.

FrankDaTank3051d ago

I understand the sarcasm in what you are saying, but they still should be held responsible for maintaining a standard of accuracy in what they write.

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Cutter203051d ago

Love that image. I'm going to hang that on my ceiling over my bed.

R2D23051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

Iron Cliffy FTW.

kaos_fish II3051d ago

whatever floats your boat dude - but that's creepy - ugh, having that thing stare down on you..

Panzerkanzler3051d ago

You do that, but remember to keep your hands ABOVE your blanket.

webeblazing3051d ago

dont forget the lotion lmao

tplarkin73051d ago

Cut Cliff from the image and paste onto a mirror. But, put Cliff off to the side. So, when you wake up every morning, it's like waking up with Cliff at your side.

Nostradavis3051d ago

Doesn't everyone already have a Cliff cut-out? Isn't that who Marcus Fenix is modeled after?

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DA_SHREDDER3051d ago

I agree with you clownbelt. But its not just hits they are after, they really do try to sabotage games, especially if they are ps3 exclusives.

shaunhinklein3051d ago

Cliff took action, but was it the right course of action? Did he really resolve anything? I think this is one of many scenarios that'll trickle away with time.

FanboyAttack3051d ago

They issued an apology to him already.

Nostradavis3051d ago

They did. I think what CVG said seemed well put but the "production error excuse" given by Xbox World Mag seemed a bit lacking.

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