20° All Points Bulletin Preview (Part 1) posted their first part of their impressions on All Points Bulletin, an third-person shooter MMO scheduled to release June 29, 2010. Part 1 addresses the basics of movement and the mission and combat system. There are also 2 exclusive screenshots in the article.

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omicron0093051d ago

this game looks awesome, can't wait for it

Rosethorn3051d ago

It's actually a lot of fun. But other than being able to run people over with cars, it really has little similarity to GTA, so we'll see what people say about that when they start playing it. I had a blast during the demo though and I can't wait to get into the beta.

Murgatroyd73051d ago

Still not sure how I feel about this one. I got into the beta, but my computer was just a tiny bit too slow to run it, so I haven't had a chance to play it yet.

Rosethorn3051d ago

Yeah. It's a beast for sure. Even though the required specs say only 2 MB ram, I'd say you really need at least 4 MB and a very high end graphics card.

But if you have that, this game is amazing.

Fabian3051d ago

I'm in the beta and I've been a little underwhelmed by it, partly because of the technical specs you just mentioned - the game does not scale particularly well in my experience. That said, it is a beta and betas are not optimised so I'm not passing judgement on the stability of the game just yet. The combination of server lag (which has sometimes been significant in the beta) and straight high requirements and an as-yet-unoptimised framerate with the very action-oriented gameplay has definitely been an issue, though. It's hard to drive and shoot effectively with a combination of lag and slowdown.

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