Amazing God of War PSP

Jeremy sends word of this amazing God of War-themed Playstation Portable mod created by Morpheon Mods, the guys behind the Zelda-themed Wii and DS mods. The PSP has been airbrushed metallic bronze and then tarnished to give it a worn look. It comes with hand-sculpted symbols that have been copper-leafed onto the handheld ad real chains edge the system. Even the buttons were removed and replaced with copper versions. Finally the shoulder buttons have been replaced with crystal red buttons that house tiny red LEDs.

The whole shebang comes in a custom made case and sports a spare "Kratos tattoos" faceplate. The best part, this eBay auction is donating 15 percent of the proceeds to Child's Play. Hit the link for the full run down of the mods tweaks, and more pictures.

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lVlemphizStylez5423d ago

this is about as lame as the Halo 360 or the Master Chief Zune...Shame..

mikeslemonade5423d ago

The difference is that PSP is a portable and 360 is a console. Portable things should have the asthetics.

Juevani5423d ago

I want one.. its lookin sexy, lol...

persian_prince5423d ago

but that does look really nice

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