Half Life 3 Rumors Squashed and Portal 2 Delayed

Yes Portal 2 has been delayed, but the real tragedy of THIS story is that Half-life 3 Rumors have also been squashed.

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The Tingler3054d ago

Goddammit Valve, I'm looking forward to Portal 2 but GIVE US SOMETHING ON HALF-LIFE.

WildArmed3053d ago

lol at the end of Portal 2 there will be a teaser!
For half-life 3! HOORRAYY! lol

Aikuchi3053d ago

Portal and half-life was fun. But since Valve has basically boycotted the PS3 I see no reason to buy there games. There are just so many good games out there, both first party and third party that I have no need for Valve.

I don't even use steam anymore, I find that Stardock's Impulse works just as well.