LucasArts Names New President

LucasArts announced today that Paul Meegan will replace Darrell Rodriguez as its new president and general manager, an update following Rodriguez's sudden departure in May.

Before landing president of LucasArts, Meegan was CEO at Epic Games China and held senior positions at Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Shanghai and Jaleco Entertainment. He was also the founder of Sinister Games, Inc. and a partner at Axion Pacific Capital.

Meegan starts his new position at LucasArts mid-June.

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Lucreto3051d ago

I liked Rodriguez he wanted to start making Monkey Island games again and going back to their IPs and create new IPs. The previous CEO said he wanted to work just on Star Wars games and said it would be 2015 before he would look at them. Lets hope the new CEO is more open to the idea.

Galaxia3051d ago

Very happy about this. Rodriguez almost killed Lucasarts for me this gen. I wish Jim Ward was still leading them. Last gen Lucasarts was the bees knees!

Hope Meegan can get Lucasarts back to their former glory again. And that means Battlefront 3, Republic Commando 2, KOTOR 3, Jedi Knight 4 and No More Stupid TFU crap.