E3 2010 Preview: Take-Two

Gaming Union's E3 publisher preview series continues to countdown all the way to the big event next week. Next up on the list is Take-Two Interactive, best known for their large subsidiaries, Rockstar and 2K. These combined companies command some of the most well recognized franchises in gaming such as Grand Theft Auto, Midnight Club, Bioshock, and 2K Sports. What should we expect from the publisher?

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somekyle4619d ago

Man, I hadn't even thought of the press events

Sanrin4619d ago

I generally enjoy Take-Two's stuff, so hopefully they've got something cool coming up this year.

Domer254619d ago

No idea why someone would disagree with you. I'm also pumped for TT's IPs this year. Bubbs up.

ShapelyChops4619d ago

Oh man, Mafia II. So pumped.

jammers4619d ago

L.A Noire! Cannot wait for that game!

JDouglasGU4619d ago

unfortunateky they said LA Noire won't be at E3.

ThatArtGuy4619d ago

No one has lied about E3 before...

Focker4204619d ago

Ya I thought R* wouldn't be at E3??

Aphe4619d ago

They won't apparently.

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