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Despite containing and combining elements from a number of different games, Joe Danger feels completely unique. This game will keep you coming back for more as you attempt to boost your score with insane combos. The combination of customization, speed, and combos fit in perfectly into this fun and innovative downloadable title. Joe Danger just oozes out fun and creativity and puts it into one unmissable experience, so do yourself a favor and pick up one of the best titles on the PlayStation Network.

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doctorstrange3105d ago

When the store is back up, you will not be disappointed

Milky Joe3105d ago

Yup, the game is pure genius!!!

JonnyBigBoss3105d ago

I am getting this the second the PSN Store comes back up. This looks like a masterpiece!

Briefcase Joe3105d ago

Why did you change your scoring system? Why out of 10 now?

AssassinHD3105d ago

A 10 scale is a far more accurate measurement system than a 5 scale.

Awookie3105d ago

What makes you say that, the 1-5 is much better imo

while 1-10 usually ends up going
8+ =great
1-7= bad

AssassinHD3105d ago

I don't think it is fair to label a 7 as bad. On a 1-10 scale 7 is well above average.

I understand your reasoning with your 5 point system, but I would argue that a 2/5 is hardly "ok". An "ok" game is comparable to an "average" game, and 2/5 is below average.

There is no true "average" on a 5 scale system because 2/5 is 40% and 3/5 is 60%.

You may argue that a reviewer could simply score in half-digit increments, but if you score in half-digit increments on a 5 scale system, then you are really using a 10 scale system anyway.

Awookie3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

What crazy school do u go to where 50% = average? and who cares if there isn't an exact 50%

from a visual standpoint a 6 in 1-10 is considered a bad game while a 3 out of 5 is considered good (not great) so who gives a crap if there is more numbers when only 6-10 on the 1-10 scale matter.

I mean you hardly ever see them use 1-5 on the 10 pt grade scale so whats the point?

AssassinHD3105d ago

The crazy school that taught me basic math. Technically since review scales start at 1 instead of zero, the average would be 50.5%.

Honestly review scores should be on a 0-9 scale instead of a 1-10 scale, since the decimal (base 10) system begins at 0.

AssassinHD3105d ago

I meant to type 0-10 scale. That would more fluidly translate into a percentage (to 100%) than 1-10. Starting the scale at 1 automatically gives a game a 10% value on a scale of 10 (or 1% on a scale of 100).

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Faztkiller3105d ago

Easier for Metacritic I'm guessing

RankFTW3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I've been playing this all day, totally awesome game guys and well worth the money. Been a right laugh sitting on vent with my buddies and us all trying to beat each others high scores.

sixaxis3105d ago

i agree, been playing it for many hours straight, i cant belive how addictive it is, i even dare to call it as the best PSN game out there. i havent even tried "sandbx" (create a level).

3105d ago
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