D+PAD Magazine: No More Heroes 2 - Reviewed

D+PAD Magazine writes:

No More Heroes 2 is about, well, something, but you’d probably need a direct line into barmy director Suda 51’s cerebral lobes to have even the slightest inkling of what the point might be.

Let’s set the scene. Travis Touchdown, our perpetually horny and frustrated protagonist, is standing in Santa Destroy’s football stadium. 24 identical cheerleaders on roller-skates dash out. They’re blond, display copious amounts of underboob and chant, in unison, their support of violence and their love of Charlie MacDonald, who confidently strides into the arena under a sign bearing his name. A moment of silence leads into some brief small-talk, with Charlie stopping to congratulate Travis on an excellent surname, and then they all fly into space and jump into a giant robot.

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