Unlocking Monster Hunter Missions in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

As part of a bonus feature in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Big Boss can hunt monsters from the Monster Hunter series and earn unique items for completing them.

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MattyF3056d ago

Such a great game with tons of unlockable and bonus content.

MightyMark4273056d ago

I can see myself finishing this like in 40 hours...

Demons Souls3056d ago

Monster Hunter is garbage so I won't bother trying to unlock some shitty crossover.

MightyMark4273056d ago

It's actually pretty fun because you get to unlock more stuff.

dredgewalker3056d ago

For someone who named himself Demon Soul i don't get why you don't like Monster Hunter which is a very hardcore game. Saying that its garbage says that you couldn't adapt to its control schemes and became frustrated with the game.

AbyssGravelord3056d ago

Wow is Monster Hunter too "Hardcore" for you? I love both Monster Hunter and Demon's Souls and I can't understand how you wouldn't since they're both so similar!

HolyOrangeCows3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

Monster Hunter is okay. It's pretty freaking masochistic, though.

Getting bum rushed by giant pigs while an ape crushes my 2mph fast character over and over gets to be frustrating.
Even the fastest character with the quickest weapon use recovery time only moves about another mph.

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PPNSteve3056d ago

unlocking stuff is always good fun, and adds to an otherwise mediocre game.

wicko3056d ago

I'm guessing you're saying that in general and not specifically about peace walker? Because if you're refering to Peace walker, you clearly haven't played it.

Raf1k13056d ago

Yep, it's pretty cool from what I played in the demo. It's not out here in the UK yet.

Anyone know if there's any Assassin's Creed bonus content? That looked pretty cool.

MightyMark4273056d ago

I actually love the game. As for the ASsassin's Creed, yes there is a bonus content for it.

despair3056d ago

wasn't that an april fools joke ?

CobraKai3056d ago

I didn't read this for fear of spoilers but is this something you unlock in Metal Gear, or something in Monster Hunter?

Raf1k13056d ago

Something in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

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