PSN Down, What Would You Like To See When Back Up?

Now that the PSN is currently down for 12 hours, what would gamers like to see when it is back up? Speculations been hitting the net, some stating that the PSN downtime is just a PS Move support update, while others stating that this is none other than the much anticipated PSN premium or firmware 3.40 update, but don't be surprised..

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BeaRye3106d ago

FREE ONLINE! wait, we have that.

ShinMaster3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Video chat, Netflix!
Oh wait, already got that too xD

On topic now. I really don't know what else I'd want, I just hope it's something pretty cool :)

WhittO3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Web browser and Game Invites!!

O wait....


QSPR3106d ago

Blu-Ray,Movies Store and TV Shows
Oh wait......

cLiCK_sLiCK93106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Games in HD! Oh already does everything!

All major features I want are already there, but theres one small thing I ask. Fast-Forward option when listening to music while playing games at the same time.

I recently bought Modnation Racers and to my luck, it plays music the background. Which is good but not when listening to a podcast.

Like I said minor upgrade. Nothing big worth flaming about.

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UnSelf3106d ago

A stellar 1st party line up

oh wait, we have over 20

PoSTedUP3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

uhh... my socom online game playing. and my beer.. oh wait i have that.

Timesplitter143106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

I'd like to see PS2 games.

But it's probably gonna be some kind of E3 streaming feature

DA_SHREDDER3106d ago

I already have that with my 80 gig BC ps3.

Megulito3106d ago

i wanna see ps2 on ps3 but wait i already got that on my 400gb fatty yeah shes sexylol

Lifendz3106d ago

It's time for a reboot. I love the xmb but it's looking a little dated. There's gotta be a slicker way to navigate the system.

Megulito3106d ago

its intuitive and efficent there really isnt anything else just change ur bgs and enjoy

InfectedDK3106d ago

Idk.. But I am excited to see if it is "only" a 3D and Move thing.. Or if there's more to it!

But anyway I already miss PSN!

Davoh3106d ago

The PlaystationStore, forgot about the maintenance today and now need to wait 12 hours *sigh*

fooltheman3106d ago

that was funny...I feel sorry for you ^^

Gamehead363106d ago

same here. i want my joe danger.

Jaces3106d ago

Not much really, just a better interface for the PSN store and possibly do something more with the trophies. =P

La Chance3106d ago Show
CellularDivision3106d ago

TAKE FEATURES AWAY! wait, we already have that...

Back on topic... Id like FF9.

FACTUAL evidence3106d ago

Most likely nothing new will be up, if so it's a plus. For now looks like I'm going to have to go onto the next best thing since....and it's not my xbox360.

Milky3106d ago

Joe Danger! I am dying to play it.

nickjkl3106d ago

wait a fucking minute 4 bubbles i am amused

nickjkl3106d ago

never mind everyone that has had their account for longer than a certain date got one bubble added

Focker4203106d ago

I've had my account since 3 days ago?! So I don't think thats it lol.

huzzaahh3106d ago

It only does everything, guys.

mcnablejr3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

i would like cross game chat

and a good online service

and a reason to turn it back on

Fruit Loops3106d ago

oh wait we have that too...

Legosz3106d ago

Not trying to be a fanboy or anything but party chat would be very awesome. I love talking to like 6 friends from school at once and playing different games aswell on my 360. Would love it even more if I could do it on my PS3. It would just be one of those small things too that wouldn't really matter but it would be nice.

vhero3105d ago

Demos straight away without having to wait a week for non premium members! Oh wait....

On a serious note since it come back up the stores been slow and buggy as hell keep getting errors while trying to browse.

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mrv3213106d ago

I thought 3 bubbles was the limit? Nice one on getting 4. I can't talk but annoying certain people is just too damn fun especially when they post stupid stuff.

I must say the XMB is INCREDIBLY well desgined, so much so infact I'd love my computer to run that as it's OS. Imagine how awsome that would be. XMB is quick, easy and smooth.

AssassinHD3106d ago

I also like the XMB design. It is clean, simple, and intuitive. I would only make one change to it. I think they should tweak the in-game XMB a bit by removing any menu that cannot be accessed while in a game. That should theoretically improve the loading time of the interface.

Dr-ZOOM3106d ago

It is very slick indeed

LtSkittles3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

@MrvThanks :P I don't why I don't like it I mean if disagrees are to go by.

mrv3213106d ago

People enjoy the adverts in NXE or the Wii's thing.

I've tried all the OS on next gen consoles, the Wii is the straight to point, just a selection screen to point at. The PS3 puts all the information up front and easy to access, the 360 stuff is in sub menus but it's easy to find genres of stuff.

Out of them all, I must say for general usability the PS3 wins because I use my PS3 for video as well as games. The 360 is really functional in-game. There's no one system for everybody, I just prefer the XMB. The ideal world would combine NXE and XMB for the NXB(New Xross Bar).

coolcole933106d ago

Lol, you're like a celebrity to we 3 bubbled scum :P

LtSkittles3106d ago

Oh, yeah I agree, I love the XMB, because I am used to it. The first time I saw it was on my first PSP, but it has gotten better over time, and hasn't really changed alot, I mean that in a good way. Sony knows what they're doing, and they're doing a good job at it.

alphakennybody3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

PSN is down for 12 hours!? well I then, I'll write doom ps3 article about how this update is the start of SONY's downafall, then start suing sony /S

Nitrowolf23106d ago

quickly Media you have 12hours to whip sh1t out of your a$$
naw i could see one popping up

-Alpha3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks these articles are silly. Just because it goes down for 12 hours we get articles like this that take the event to its advantage. I find it pretty lazy of the sites, especially this one that simply poses a question while calling it an "Article"

D4RkNIKON3106d ago

lol I thought the same thing. This is almost as bad as the internal clock glitch.. Sony is doomed lol /s

Milky Joe3106d ago

You joke but this is obviously a sign that Sony are pulling out of the console industry. 12 hours is all they need to strip all trace of themselves from the internet and there offices all over the world. Then when the PSN comes back online, everyone goes to switch their PS3s on and find that they've vanished too!!

Umbrella Corp3106d ago

FF9 on the US store.Please?

Ri0tSquad3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Lol, these articles always appear when PSN is under maintenance.

ClownBelt3106d ago

Yeah and people get all whinny afterwards because Sony didn't deliver things that wasn't even promised.

I'm more interested on seeing all the PS3 bricking articles.

PoSTedUP3106d ago

i dont care what they deliver after this i just want to play socom now lol. errrr.

hardcorehippiez3106d ago

i want my socom now gawdammit.