Prepare for E3 2010 By Checking Out the Booth Babes of E3 2009

GFB: "The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2010 is right around the corner (Jun 15th through the 17th) and you know what that means - booth babes gentlemen. Those lovely ladies that companies use to lure the gaming public and media to their booths only to fill our hands with useless pamphlets that ramble off facts about their upcoming shovel-ware. Okay, so there's not a lot of shovel-ware on the floor at E3 (SouthPeak can barely afford to share a booth after all)."

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vgchica5159d ago

You ca't argue with success. When E3 wasn't using booth babes, things weren't so bright.

GunShotEddy5159d ago

There were other factors at play as well like location. The ESA arguing over leasing and agreements play a part in the short downturn.

Obama5159d ago

MS is using Justin Bieber!

BeaRye5159d ago

as a booth babe? I'm traumatized!

nickjkl5159d ago (Edited 5159d ago )

who ever gets techno viking wins

VG_Releaser5159d ago

I get that 'babes' are part of the culture, but don't they take the focus away from what's important.. The GAMES?

Briefcase Joe5159d ago (Edited 5159d ago )

I like looking at half-naked women too, but booth babes are as useful as cheerleaders at sporting events. Neither of them really add anything. If anything, they are distractions.

nickjkl5159d ago

wrong they encourage the players to keep on going because afterwards they know they gonna hit that

Bolts5159d ago

Thats crazy talk.

Have you ever been to an import car show without the babes and models? It's a boring ass grouping of car geeks and their rice rockets. Without the babes it'll just be a dry convention, add the babes it'll become a show and entertainment event.

chak_5159d ago

valve > ba...

wait NO §

babes > every event

Mista T5159d ago (Edited 5159d ago )

they'll use Gabe, lol here's a ramdom pic, I lold so hard.

but Gabe is a great dev no doubt


BattersUp5159d ago

They should have booth babe competitions at the show. The company with the best booth babes gets a free booth next year?

Demons Souls5159d ago

I was gonna make some witty joke about Babe Newell and then post a photoshop(?) of him in a bikini. Problem is I decided to see if someone already made one first by googling "gabe newell bikini". Safe search was off and I did find a picture of Gabe Newell but after seeing it I lost interest in the joke.

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