Final Fantasy XIII Scans

Today a japanese game site posted some scans of Final Fantasy XIII for the PS3.

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zypher4518d ago

moreso than Assassins Creed, Bioshock, Halo 3, Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, Resistance, Gears of War, Lair, Fable 2 etc., i'm looking fowards to FFXIII. BRING IT ON!

PS3 Owns All4518d ago

Final Fantasy XIII will again revolutionize RPG games! I loooooooooooove Final Fantasy games! So count me in as a HUGE fan! And I will be buying a PS3 for the following games. Warhawk. Heavenly Sword, Tekken 6, Final Fantasy XIII, Resident Evil 5, WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007, Metal Gear Solid 4 AND Devil May Cry 4!

The_Firestarter4518d ago

Don't forget ZOE 3 and FFXIII VERSUS

specialguest4518d ago

this looks good, but im more interested in see more of FF13 Versus. this Versus version is suppose to take place in a modern era. this screen is what got me more interested for some reason:

achira4518d ago

wow this is amazing. can you say that the best graphic ever ? i think you can. cant wait for my ps3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marriot VP4517d ago

can you say, NOT GAMEPLAY

AuburnTiger4517d ago

can you say, Anything without being negative?

Marriot VP4517d ago

can you say the blatant truth without being accused of being negative or a fanboy.

you really want to criticize the truth

THE TRUTH4517d ago

can you say, NOT GAMEPLAY

how origional! Why can't someone give their honest opinion about the game without being bashed? GROW UP, if you don't like the game then give your honest opinion why you don't! otherwise please STFU because this stupid console war is ruining what "should" be a great time for us gamers!

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CAPS LOCK4518d ago

nice game but will it feature aeons(summoned monsters)? and is ff 12 gonna have summoned monsters? someone plz tell me.

HaHa4518d ago

haven't you seen the videos, it does have summons yes ;)

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