Killzone 3 to Feature 2 Antagonists

According to Hulst players will be facing not one but two antagonists who are trying to control the remnants of the crumbling Helghan Empire.

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Al Bundy3105d ago

Just keeps getting better.

lociefer3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

twice as awesome

Hideo_Kojima3105d ago

Could be or it may not be as awesome as fighting the Helghast.

In Halo:CE when they floud kicked in I stopped playing the game I hated those guys.

On the other hand in Uncharted when all those weird creatures start attacking you like the nazi zombies or the blue avatar people who live under a mountain it was exciting.

badz1493105d ago

be there as many antagonist as they may, but 2 protagonists or even missions for both sides of the war will be KILLER! please make that happen GG! KZ4 maybe?

Immortal3213105d ago

All I need to hear from kz3 is, better variety of weapons, vehicles, and multiplayer reward system.

Bits-N-Kibbles3105d ago

KZ3 will have better and DIVERSE environments!

dragonyght3105d ago

@ Bits-N-Kibbles lol killZone had diverse environments urban, jungle and snow and orbital platform (space)

raztad3105d ago

I cant believe you guys didnt know about this. I read this in a interview several weeks ago.

I even posted a possible explanation for Sev wearing a Helghast helmet. I mean, Sev may be joining one of the sides.

BTW where are the guys saying KZ3 story was shallow?

gijsbrecht3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I have a feeling your hunch will be spot on. I too believe that at some point in the game 'we' will be fighting alongside one of the factions, perhaps even wearing the Helghast uniform.
And yeah, the story is rich enough. People only want it to be thrown directly in their faces. Well, I think they are going to be obliged this time.

SOAD3105d ago

Here I am. I think most shooter games' stories are very generic and simplistic.

The characters for games like Halo and Gears of War and Crysis and Half Life 2 and Killzone and Resistance are all one-dimensional. Where are there back-stories?

Where's Sev's backstory, where's Visari's backstory, where's Rico's backstory?

Does anything happen in the game that gives us some idea of the Helghast culture? Where are the women and children?

How come every ISA soldier's motivation for being the war is to kill Higs? Are there any soldiers in the ISA who say, "Hmm, maybe we shouldn't be doing this"? And all the Helghast troops have the same personality.

That is the definition of shallow. There's no depth to the characters. The plot twists don't signify depth. A good story is supposed to have a lot of character development and symbolism and character dynamics and relationships. For example, one character is usually a foil to another character. Whereas one is weak, the other is strong. One is brave, the other a coward. One a patriot, the other a subversive.

In Killzone 2, I felt like everyone was mindlessly fighting. Only at the very last cutscene was there a glimmer of hope that maybe Sev was seeing things differently.

I hope that GG will work harder on Killzone 3's story, but as far as Killzone 2 the story was extremely shallow.

-Alpha3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

SOAD said it perfectly. The ending of K2 had that glimmer, but the rest was just your typical FPS. The action, the atmosphere, and the actual game was great to play, but the story wasn't, and the atmosphere was killed at times by the dialogue, especially Rico, God I hated Rico. But even Rico, in the very end, shows just how much of a dangerous person he is, killing people at will. He is a man of great emotion and it's evident that he too can play a good role in the game. I have no doubt that Rico would kill Sev if he were to turn, the guy is an animal. Everybody wants to kill him for a reason.

K2's story was not "rich". It was very typical and had many flaws, dialogue being a big one and objectives being pretty typical: protect this and that, defend this, etc. This is an example of where the graphics is such a big focus that the actual expansion of the game is reserved for sequels. This is why K3 will be so great, there is just so much that is possible and being done (at least GG promises).

raztad, I don't know who was downplaying K3's story since it hasn't been seen. I assume you mean K2? And if so, it had its faults man, let's not pretend it didn't.

K2 was not perfect, and I'm happy GG is paying attention to the key areas instead of tossing together another game with new multiplayer like others seem to do. I'm very excited for the story. The universe of Killzone has always been fascinating but it was barely explored in K2. Now with K3 they are promising so much more. A look into the culture is something fans have been spamming their forum boards with for so long and it's good to see GG listening.

Anyways, it will be interesting if we become the antagonist ourselves as Sev. Wonder if the game will allow for alternate endings in that way, and hopefully I can kill Rico this way. The Helghast have humanity in them despite having been led by a vicious leader, and I'd like to think we aren't just fighting an entire race who are just bad because they have to be. GG realizes this about K2 and that's why they are emphasizing story so much now.

Edit: @Raz below

Ah okay, well in that case, those people should be pleasantly surprised! There is a lot of hype on story now, let's hope GG takes this to the stratosphere!

raztad3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

No alpha I didnt make a mistake. I know KZ2 storytelling was nothing to write home, though it had a couple of twists I didnt see coming. I was talking about KZ3 and some people prediction it is meant to be generic.

KZ backstory is pretty good, people dont even seem to agree who are the bad and who are the good guys in KZ. Pretty nice story if you ask me.

EDIt: hey evrfighter, 2 factions =/= a chick defector.

EDIT: BTW, I think nobody realistically speaking is expecting for a FF level story, are you? just a good enough story that keep you interested in what is coming next.


Oh really? I have Gears 1 but I've never managed to finish that game. So I dont know where the ambiguity comes from. Up to the point I've have played Locust are the bad guys. They are not even human or a likable race so you cant feel attached to them, and I havent seen a Visaris Locust so far, delivering awesome and convincing speeches.

Pianosa3105d ago

That same disagreement exists in the Gears of War universe.

The COG can be viewed as evil and the Locusts as victims.

So, it's kind of the same thing. Hence, generic.

shadow27973105d ago

The Locusts are wiping out humanity, how can they be victims?

Anyone interested in the Killzone backstory, take a look here:

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evrfighter3105d ago

that would be me.

I called the story generic. I also called that kz3 would feature a defector possibly a chick as thats how generic it was.

My hunch was not far off it seems.

D4RkNIKON3105d ago

The best part of this article is all of the disagrees everyone is getting. Some people seem upset by the awesomeness of Killzone 3 lol.

cyberwaffles3104d ago

lol i know what you mean. after a while the flood is just extremely annoying. i didn't mind them too much in the first game because i wasn't expecting them, but i got sick and tired of them after a while.

if there is going to be a second antagonist, i want it to be similar to half-life 1's three-way attrition or the matrix sentinels. maybe not so much the sentinels because kz already has sentry bots, but i agree, i don't want anything like flood. maybe one or two levels that have massive bug infestation but thats it.

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donstar3105d ago

this is going crazy....

MexicanAppleThief3105d ago

They got to announce a release date at E3!!!

saimcheeda3105d ago

just played Killzone 2 to get back in the FPS feel!

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