Firmware v1.9: Sony's PS3 Kills Another Corporate Sacred Cow

The PlayStation 3 has supported SACD playback since Day 1. Now, however, it seems Sony's finally seen the 'SACD is dead' light, and is instead concentrating on making the PS3 the best-possible audio CD (a format for which, it's important to point out, they also own a significant patent portfolio position!) player. It's another interesting day in technology, as the world (or is that the disc?) turns.

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timmyp534107d ago

im guessing they arent just gonna improve it anymore.. but its still supported on the ps3

cdzie14107d ago

Yet, another failed Sony format!

Super Audio CD (SACD) was developed by Sony and Philips Electronics.

timmyp534107d ago

from the looks of ur avatar

Retro-Virus4107d ago

Really classy coming from someone who has the premonition to support HD-DVD

tmax4107d ago

SACD doesn't sample data like CD so doesn't need upsampling, it's bitstream (1bit) technology and works works fine on the PS3.

SACD = High Definition, High End Technology for Audio,

This is why the PS3 in some circles is considered a bargain, it does what ALL CURRENT High End SACD/CD Players do, most of these players can cost up to 20x the cost of the PS3.

I think currently it is the only player on the market that does HD Video Games, HD Bluray, Upsamples DVD, SACD and Upsamples Audio-CD

Don't know what your smoking but SACD is the choice for high end audio just like Bluray will be the Choice for HD Video

weekapaugh4107d ago

"Yet, another failed Sony format!"

well you are the expert at watching things fail, after all, you own a 360 and support HD-DVD.

VirusE4106d ago

Why are all of you guys getting so defensive? Cdzie is 100% on base with his comments. Maybe you guys are too young to remember all of the failed Sony formats; UMD, memory stick, betamax, minidisc and now sacd (i know i am forgetting something). Just because you own a ps3 and love it doesn’t mean you have to be a mindless drone for all things Sony. Proprietary formats are a way of screwing customers, look at it for what it is.

Personally I am sad to see sacd go. DSD is an awesome piece of tech and on a properly setup system it sounded breath taking. Pink Floyd’s dark side of the moon sounded so go on sacd that it was like having the band in the room. Most people like convenience over quality and this is why the format got destroyed by mp3.

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the greatest4107d ago (Edited 4107d ago )

who cares we want the best

Meus Renaissance4107d ago

And this is related to

trane074107d ago

Im on the fence just like you. Nowadays, people will find anything remotely negative to get a "stiffy" over.

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