Dead Nation PS3 Trailer Revealed, More At E3

Following the original announcement of Dead Nation at Gamescom in Cologne last year we’ve been purposefully quiet about what we’ve got in store for you, but at this year’s E3 we’ll be bringing you right up to speed with the game and what you can expect from Housemarque and Sony Computer Entertainment’s PSN exclusive zombie title.

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Nitrowolf23056d ago

there we go it back up

and holy F'n Sh1t look at all those zombies
I want this game now

UltraNova3056d ago

I want it yesterday! It looks amazing and suspenseful!

Hellsvacancy3056d ago

Ive wanted it since last E3 when they 1st showed it

RedPawn3056d ago

Holy Shit! It's Night Trap 2, naw that was crazy.

This how I would envision a new type of Resident Evil.

AznSniper3056d ago

The video is on their Viddler channel. Some gameplay footage is shown, and it has much improved lighting.

mistertoyou3056d ago

only noticed the video not working after posting.
I thought it was only PSN that was down. :-)

Godmars2903056d ago

The few seconds of footage actually look scary. Hope its more involved than just shooting and has jump-in co-op.

krisq3056d ago

Looks mint. I still play Stardust from time to time.

Mista T3056d ago

Sony should've took the chance and tried to make a better game than L4D. oh well

Megaton3056d ago

FINALLY! Been dying for info on this game (no pun intended).

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The story is too old to be commented.