Established MK Story Vs MK Rebirth Story — Character Comparison

Yesterday, Mortal Kombat fans were teased and taunted by a trailer for what could possibly be a new Mortal Kombat movie. The 7 minute trailer was released to pitch the concept of the movie to Warner Brothers. Whether or not WB will sign the movie has yet to be seen.

From what was shown in the trailer, it seems that this new Mortal Kombat will be set in a darker, grittier, and slightly more believable setting.

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jaredhart3056d ago

So he's a failed plastic surgeon who just happens to be an expert martial artist who can kick Johnny Cage's ass (and behead him).

Not to mention Reptile is just a sicko with bad skin.

Kreyg3056d ago

Yeah, Baraka seems a little emo if you ask me

jaredhart3056d ago

Jacks and Sonya can't catch those two fools.

It's not like they'll be hard to spot.

Shang-Long3056d ago

hahah right
and Johnny cage still cant catch a break always getting killed off

Kreyg3056d ago

Yeah, they stick out like sore thumbs.

bangoskank3056d ago

Agree about Baraka. He looks like he has an ass on his forehead.

4pocalyps33056d ago

..wait for it...AS5FACE!!! hah get it?...guys?

pixelsword3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

Baraka looks like he has body inflations; popular in Japan's subculture.
He looks like Lateef Crowder, who also played in Ong Bak.

I want to say that Jax looks like the gentleman who played Spawn, but I'm not sure.

Reptile doesn't have bad skin, that's a congenital defect; the skin replaces itself too quickly, which cracks and looks like that because the skin is replacing itself too quickly; and those weren't the baby's eyes, it was the babies eyelids, that conditions makes the skin so tight that the lids are always inside out upon birth.

rezzah3055d ago

It is him, hopefully there wil be another and better Spawn movie =) Spawns awesome

pixelsword3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Heck yea! :)

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xDSJxPyro3056d ago

Not bad, not bad AT ALL. I feel if they went the whole magic realm with this movie, it would not do as well. People seem to want dark gritty movies. Just look at the Batman re-boot. People did not think that would do so well in the whole dark gritty realm. Well they were wrong.

If they can do this right, it will be one bad-ass movie. Hopefully be an amazing video game to movie adaptation.

Double Toasted3056d ago

Yeah, but the Baraka stuff is just...idk...lame? I'm still looking forward to whats next.

jaredhart3056d ago

I think to explain away Baraka like that will not help a movie.

To be Mortal Kombat it will have to have magic and another realm.

Hopefully they don't mess up subzero.

Panthers3056d ago

When you watch the 1989 Batman now, you just laugh at it. It doesnt hold a light to The Dark Knight in todays world. I think that this version would be great as a feature movie and even a game.

Panthers3056d ago

People might not like the new characters, but it puts them in a more realistic light. They are removing the whole Outworld sorcery thing while still keeping some of the crazy characters. I think this could breathe a whole new life into the MK universe. Although I dont think we will see things like flying fireballs and lightning. Still, I would be very interested in this version.

Coolmanrico3056d ago

Agree, I can already see Sub-zero fighting with Liquid Nitrogen.

DarkBlood3056d ago

tru after all anyone can die hence the name (Mortal Combat) its about mortals in a sense not creatures or the likes and the mortals with the names like sub zero or scorpian as i would like to think the name reflects thier personality

Sano643056d ago

If they make this movie it will be worst then Super Mario Brothers. Some movies just dont work in real life and this take on it would be the biggest joke ever. Please don't make this movie!

Krugsy3056d ago

I dont think anything can be as bad as SMB.

N4BmpS3056d ago

It won't be worse, I'm more open to a re-imagined MK. So I can't worry I watched MK Anihilation like 10times (DON'T EVER DO THAT!!!!!!)

Krugsy3056d ago

Dude, why in the hell did you do that? Silly silly boy. lol

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