Spider-Man team ready for Arkham challenge

Canadian studio Beenox is developing Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions with two key pressures in mind; Bobby Kotick and Batman.

Earlier in the year, Activision CEO Kotick suggested that recent Spider-Man games had “sucked” – a comment that has likely heightened expectation for the company to deliver from its next spin of the wheel.

However, the associate producer on the next Spider-Man title – Kevin Umbricht – believes the main pressure to raise the bar has come from London studio Rocksteady, developers of the breakthrough title Batman Arkham Asylum.

“Arkham is a fantastic game,” he told Develop, “and it did raise the bar of comic-book games, it elevates the genre and it steps your game up."

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Nitrowolf23145d ago

lol i just commented about this, devs who make super hero game need to target that, batman AA was awesome super hero game one of the best i have played.

Kingdom Come3145d ago

Whilst Batman Arkham Asylum was one of the best Super Hero games I've played, Spider Man 2 WAS the best Super Hero game I've ever played, with Ultimate Spiderman, Xmen Legends and Batman Arkham Asylum runners up...

WLPowell3145d ago (Edited 3145d ago )

... but when every superhero game tries to be it, we have problems. I know I'm sick of all the grizzled space marines in shooters.

I do find it funny that Batman is changing the trend of all superhero movies are trying to be The Dark Knight, now it seems all superhero video games are going to try to be Arkham Asylum. I like Batman too, but damn.