Red Dead Redemption Is Take-Two's New 'Mega Franchise'

Prior to the game's release, some analysts were skeptical that a Western-themed title could be a breakout success, but Red Dead is proving to be a blockbuster in every sense of the word.

It seems the game is just what publisher Take-Two needed. The company has often been labeled as nothing more than a GTA publisher, but Red Dead now gives Take-Two another solid IP to lean on. Mike Hickey of Janco Partners commented that Red Dead is "significantly exceeding our expectations and demonstrating the creative genius layered deeply within the Rockstar studio structure. We believe the franchise can be successfully iterated every several years and offers the Company a new mega franchise."

Indeed, Red Dead's success could allow Take-Two to actually post a profitable non-GTA year, commented Ben Schachter of Broadpoint AmTech.

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Al Bundy3056d ago

Just wait until Agent is released.

N4GAddict3056d ago

Agent won't sell as much as RDR if it stays exclusive.

wxer3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

did this guy just started gamin ??
i think so

by the way red dead revolver's music > red dead redemption's music
and over all i love them both
but red dead is not a new Franchise

kratos173056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

how can you be certain about that

wat if Agent becomes the new GTA

im jus saying that anything can happen

Aphe3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )


nygamer283056d ago

yea cause with all the gameplay videos and all the info we have on the game we know its gonna be a hit /sarcasm

poopface13056d ago

but we KNOW that RDR is awesome.

I cant wait for taht rumored DLC where you play marstons past. Although I think they might save Marstons past for the sequel.

mikepmcc3056d ago

lol, hyping a game you've literally only seen a logo

ThatArtGuy3056d ago

I saw the conceptual trailer. It was on PSN right after E3 last year.

ReservoirDog3163056d ago

I just hope it stays original. I know it's in the right hands but it's about the way the old west is dying. I do like that they said every several years though. Instead of remaking it over and over and over and over. They wanna do it justice apparently.

So yay I guess. I'm loving RDR so far. I think I'm almost around the end.

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Jamie Foxx3056d ago

they could make it ps3 exclusive considering EVERY ps3 has a harddrive and utilise bluray so they can stream much larger maps and therefore make the true next-gen gta that they desire

but common sense tells me that profits come before their ambitions therefore making it multiplatform and inturn reducing their scope and ambition seems more logical as developing games is so expensive these days

omi25p3056d ago

it has been proven by almost everysingle multiplatform reviewer such as edge, ign, game informer ect that red dead redemption is actually better on the 360, graphics wize, refresh rate, less lag, better character models and better sound so really take-two and rockstar make better quality on the 360. But if they where able to work well with the ps3s dev software then agent may be a good game, however i doubt any Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead game will be on an exclusive

kratos173056d ago

RDR has been in developement for five years

which would mean its been in development longer than the ps3 has been on the market

and that means the 360 was the lead platform and we all kno what a ps3 port can turn out

SOAD3056d ago

The RAGE engine for Rockstar is said by some on here to have been created around the 360 architecture. It is possible that Sony and Rockstar are working on optimizing it for the PS3 before they begin development of Agent. So, I wouldn't mind waiting a little longer to get the best possible product out there. In addition, when the next GTA game is developed, Rockstar will use their experience from Agent to make sure that both versions of the next GTA game are identical, rather than a slightly inferior PS3 version.

AntBoogy903056d ago

I never knew Jamie Foxx was so into video games. Blows my mind.

Eiffel3056d ago

He's playing Lynch in the Kane and Lynch movie, kind of adds up now.

Bobbykotickrulesz3056d ago

They're making a Kane and Lynch movie?

lol'd. Prince of Persia x2

N4GAddict3056d ago

It will be multiplatform unless someone buys Rockstar

nygamer283056d ago

lol you must be mokin some good shit if you think rockstar is gonna let itself be sold

siyrobbo3056d ago

take two own rockstar, i doubtt hey' ever let them go, espacially with the amount of money they bought in this gen alone

kratos173056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

if your talking about agent then you are

agent will be exclusive to ps3 and if it does go multi then every new release in the franchise will be exclusive much like the GTA series on the ps2

jack_burt0n3056d ago

the only analyst who said it would flop was pachter.

Nike3056d ago

Didn't he publicly admit he was wrong about that?

webeblazing3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

sorry to break it to our so call journalist these days but read dead aint new it was the ps2 and xbox and the 1st one was a hit most of rockstars franshises is a hit. why they think it was gonna be diffent for the sequel its the same foundation

HopSkotch3056d ago

Ok i was all for this game until it recently got extremely boring...if more game modes don't come out then i wont be playing this anymore.

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