Living a Yellow Lightless Life: A PS3 Owner's Guide Staff writer Rich Cochnar takes a comedic look at the PlayStation Yellow Light of Death and tries to find the silver lining in it all.

Richard Cochnar wrties: "No one is safe from hardware malfunctions. Even The PlayStation Show’s own BSmith has fallen victim to the PS3’s affectionately named Yellow Light of Death (YLOD). Much like the system-killing Red Ring of Death that afflicts Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Sony’s YLOD will leave you without a system for around a month, and sometimes even cost you 120 American Euros to have repaired. However, unlike the Xbox’s malady, the Yellow Light of Death is easily preventable. What follows is a guide to ensure that you are never without your console."

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N4GAddict3054d ago

Good thing I have a slim.

GreenRingOfLife3054d ago

Because I've already had two PS3's that got YLOD but now I have a slim so hopefully it won't die out like the other two

cranium3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Try reading the article next time. It is lighthearted and humorous. If you're thick enough to take it's advice seriously, then good luck getting Sony to repair it after telling them you urinated on it XD

RedDevils3054d ago

must be dreaming that he "had" a ps3

Scotland-The-Brave3054d ago

it just shows that you did not read the article green/bungie.

playstation_clan3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

this what i think about your opinion


''Since PlayStation 3’s currently do not come bundled with an HDMI cable''

Hmm, no.

karlowma3054d ago

Haha this article is ftw.

"Now I’m not suggesting that you pee on your PS3, simply that you pee in the place where your console usually sits."

darren_poolies3054d ago

My 60GB broke down last week and I feel a little dead inside. :(
On the bright side though, I have started my exams so now I have no real distractions. Plus it'll only cost £30 to get fixed, keeping my data. :DDD

NecrumSlavery3054d ago

My original 60g passed away this morning. It's crushing. So I'm selling my 360 and getting a 250g Slim....Will miss those classics. Hope Sony releases more HD remakes and PS2 games on PSN.

Scotland-The-Brave3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

My 60GB broke last week aswell, i tried the glitsky repair (see youtube) with the heat gun and thermal compound, the first repair worked for 2 hours and YLODed again, i redid it with more thermal compound and now its been working 5 days now (touchwood).

Jack Klugman3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Easily preventable my arse. The PS3 Phats have an issue just like the 360 with solder heating and cooling until it breaks. I've seen it first hand on more than one occasion and both times it cost the owner $120 to get it fixed.

Unless this damage control tells you not to turn your PS3 on or don't play it for more than a couple of hours at a time it's full of it. The machines I saw die were kept in pristine condition and in a well ventilated space.

ediddy9993054d ago

Did you read the article?

dc13054d ago

I'll answer for him ..."no"

OSU_Gamer3054d ago

I have a launch PS3 an it hasn't had the YLOD and I use it constantly.

It does freeze mid game once or twice a week though. Kinda frustrating.

Time for a slim?

badz1493054d ago

my 60GB died the 3rd time due to YLoD! the first 2 times, I managed to fixed it but I screwed up the 3rd time! (3rd time's a charm my ass!) I got myself a slim and everything is fine although I really missed my game saves of a lot of games!

but I don't think you need a slim just yet. (but if you really want 1, I can't stop you.) your PS3 just needs a hard reset. this video shows how to do it. although it says to fix the black screen, it's actually a fix for almost any minor problems. I was having the same problem as you when my 60GB was still alive and tried it and it works. I hope this helps.

cranium3054d ago

"you need to unplug the system and bring it into your bedroom. Now you must copulate with your spouse or sexual companion in front of the system. By doing this, you are forcing the PlayStation to once again acknowledge you as pack leader. You have first choice of the mates while it is left with the sloppy seconds."

You're welcome

jjesso19933054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Every hardware has its problems but nothing comes worse than the 360 What makes it worse is been 5 years and they still red ring. Not sinlge slim will get yellow light death. And i sure played my ps3 many times for hours without it getting louder and have never had it crash. compareing 360 hardware to ps3 is stupid.

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