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Everyone has to start out at the bottom of the food chain at work. That's why they call it the career ladder. You grab onto the bottom rung, and then spend years working your way up. And superstar game developers are no exception.

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N4GAddict4626d ago

Hideo sure came a long way.

Redrum0594626d ago

Hideo is one of the best.

lpfisher4626d ago

Cliff Bleszinski is best known for Gears of War? Ok, not Unreal.

Lich1204626d ago

True, but when I was working as a modder I was reading his design advice for modding Unreal Tournament. Hes been at epic for awhile and Unreal was his first big venture.

TwistedMetal4626d ago

that is old news and dead. No one ever wants to see that crap again. Its on the lvl of halo generic crapness. UT is dead and doesnt exist. Im suprised anyone had the nads to even think about UT in this day and age. Cliffy B is known for gears. only super nerds knew him before gears of war.

Anon73494626d ago

All I can do is take away one of your bubbles and hope to hell you were trolling for the sake of the industry.

HolyOrangeCows4626d ago

That Mickey Mouse game looks pretty good, considering the material.

xabmol4626d ago

I remember playin it back in the day on my SNES. If you have a emulator, I'd recomend a play-through. Just beat the game again on my PSP about a month ago. Good games last.

djfullshred4626d ago (Edited 4626d ago )

The cycle of fame...
1. You are nobody, and have to work really hard
2. People take notice, and recognize your good work
3. As you improve your craft, you are starting to be celebrated
4. You are famous!
5. You start living the life, take advantage of a fat income and fame
6. Your best work is well behind you, because you lost that hunger
7. You continue to churn out mediocre work, knowing it will sell
8. Many years later, people know you are famous for something you did a long time ago, but don't know what that is

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