Eurogamer: FIFA 11 preview

While other 10-million-selling game developers throw their lawsuits out of the pram and cuddle up to new sugar daddies, one of the biggest and most bankable development teams in the world quietly gets on with business in Vancouver.

EA Canada's FIFA series will break the 100 million sales barrier with this year's iteration, FIFA 11, and so far the only casualty has been EA Sports boss Peter Moore's credit card: after the last version clinched a 90 rating on Metacritic, Moore threw the team a massive party.

With Konami regrouping for the impressive-sounding Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, however, this is no time to get sloppy, so initially it's a little surprising to discover that FIFA 11's headline features are Personality+ and Pro Passing - systems that emphasise player attributes a bit more and make passing more realistic. Is that it?

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vhero3054d ago

The problem with FIFA games is they lack mistakes in the game like every things too perfect. Referees never make mistakes linesmen catch the smallest of offsides so nobody makes a mistake in the game. This doesn't happen in real life. I wasn't a bit of realism in the game I want them to make mistakes though not often maybe once every 50 offsides if its super close.