Check Mii Out Channel by the End of September

Whenever you see a promotional photo of Nintendo's Wii, you see that glowing blue light. When Nintendo first started talking about WiiConnect24, its unique always-on internet service, they said there'd be surprises on your birthday for example, and that the blue light would serve to notify you. More than a year on, we've only had a few surprises, including channels like Everybody Votes, but there's really been nothing since.

According to Fils-Aime, who recently spoke with GameHead, those surprises are "still coming," however. "We announced at E3 a new channel, the Check Mii Out channel, and we still have plans [for more surprises]. But the surprise is coming...the surprise is the end of September," he said, referring to the availability of Check Mii Out.

By launching this new channel, Nintendo aims to expand on the global Mii phenomenon, and the two main parts of the free offering will be an area where players can post their own Miis, allowing the community to vote on their abilities; and then contests, where Nintendo will put the call out for Miis based on celebrities, and other themes.

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Last_Life4132d ago

Mii's sure are fun the first 5 minutes...

Then, you wish there were some real games for the Wii...

Al4132d ago

the f#ck is the mii channel. Sounds like a sesame street special.

scarlett_rg4132d ago

This could be kinda fun. I spend a few minutes every couple days on the Everybody Votes Channel.

I'm sure this could entertain for a few mins a week also... possibly even more depending on what's all included.

But who can complain about something that's provided free? And if you don't want to use it, don't. Let's just hope they're spending equally/more time on ensuring there'll be some great -games- that use the online functionality too!

Will have to wait and see.

Last_Life4132d ago

Instead of caring in stupid Mii's Nintendo should care on what really matters on a console internet conection...


Stop being retards, Nintendo and start making online games, MS and Sony had them since day one.

ChickeyCantor4132d ago

And they are coming you dont have to scream!