Rock Band Price Revealed?

If GameStop is to be believed, Harmonix's next will cost about what we expected.

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i Shank u5418d ago (Edited 5418d ago )

wtf does MS seriously charge around $20 to use their wireless. that is retarded. im fvcking serial too. that is retarded. i need to start hating on this game now so i never buy it and stay $250 richer, cause i bet if i play it once ill be hooked lol

ericbs5418d ago

Well its a good thing that you can use the headset as a microphone and the guitar from GH2 so you don't have to worry about the $20 diff from the ps3 version. So at least the microphone won't be necessary but why is there a price difference with the guitar?

JustInTlME5418d ago

now i just need to decide what system i want to play it on. Prolly the 360 since i already have GH 2 for that.