Avalanche Hint At New Titles Being Unveiled At E3

Avalanche Studios founder Christofer Sundberg has hinted at the developer showing off its new titles at the E3 conference next week.

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mjolliffe3051d ago

They've said that they've already thought about it, and the in-post link suggests they're creating two games, both of different scale - so it could be :D

SpaceSquirrel3051d ago

Another Just Cause game would be great.

Akagi3051d ago

Just Cause 3 in a smaller, yet more vibrant, more things to do environment, please!

kevco333051d ago

Just Cause 3 and Barbie in Hollywood... watch this space.

scruffy_bear3051d ago

Hope it's a new fantasy IP

PrimordialSoupBase3051d ago

Maybe AionGuard found a publisher.

Killjoy30003051d ago

Work on this and add 8 player free roam as well and sell ir as DLC. This game online would blow away Red Dead Redemption.

GeoramA3051d ago

JC2 already blows away RDR. No online crap is needed.

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