Postmortem: Sarbakan's Lazy Raiders

Gamasutra: Settled in inspiring Quebec City, Sarbakan is a fast-growing game developer with over 600 games under its belt. After 10 years of white label servicing and online gaming, leaping into console gaming was as thrilling as it was scary. Sure, we had 10 years of experience in game and IP development, but that experience was generally limited to broad audience, casual online games.

We had but one DS title under our belt, and a budget one at that. What we were doing can only be described as diving into uncharted territory with nothing but a dream. We were working with a new engine (3DVIA's Virtools), a new IP, and a new platform. We knew there would be production delays, that the risk level was high, and that the flow of the project would be hard to predict. Nonetheless, we saw this game as an opportunity to make a statement to the industry: to prove that we could make a high-quality product.

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