Take-Two CEO: 'Any Triple-A Game Needs Aftermarket Content To Be Competitive'

DLC is becoming increasingly important, according to Take-Two CEO Ben Feder, who said "any triple-A title needs aftermarket content to be competitive," and that franchises like BioShock, Borderlands, and Grand Theft Auto are an examples of that principle for success.

Downloadable content can contribute to keeping games relevant longer than usual in an environment where most titles disappear from shelves within a few months. Games from Take-Two subsidiary Rockstar have often displayed resilience against that quick falloff, and Feder hopes the company's latest, Red Dead Redemption, will prove similar.

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kenlawson3054d ago

Such BS. Needs? The only thing they Need is more money.

DelbertGrady3054d ago

No offense, but he looks like a cannibal.