Loot Ninja - All Pro Football 2k8 Impressions - Xbox 360

Loot Ninja just grabbed a copy of All Pro Football 2k8 (APF 2k8) and popped it into their Xbox 360 as fast as they could, here are some of their first impressions of the game after playing around with it for a few hours, full review to come soon.

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drunkpandas5420d ago

I don't know how I feel about using generic players with made up stadiums and such. I wish 2K Sports would put out a demo for this game.

taz80805420d ago

It actually works very well and adds a diferent dimension of depth to the game, since you dont have superstars at every position you have to decide what kind of team you want, one with a star QB or star HB, etc. Very fun.

drunkpandas5420d ago

It seems like this would lead to unbalanced teams. Most people are going to choose great QB, HB, and WR and leave the defense with nothing good. I can see this leading to some very high scoring games online

OC_MurphysLaw5420d ago

First off....its not wont replace it for me this year. I will explain...

Graphically its pretty good...some minor things that could be better but over all...its not a bad at all especially in the gameplay. The cutscenes are a tad cheesy and dont look as good but core game play animation is there. runs really smooth and I love the draft scheme. It really adds a great wrinkle to the drafting a fantasy team. It works well from what I have played. And yes you could go all out on "O" but you could get shut down by a better D and if you have ZERO D to speak are in trouble.

Now to my biggest complaint and why this wont unseat Madden. In game play calling menus....OMG it is PAINFULLY limited in its feel and in its implementation. Too many screens to call just one D play and the formations feel really, really limited.

Passing feels a bit sluggish too. You drop back and need to set before throwing otherwise you float the ball. I love this...but...the controls feel a tad slugish and when you drop back it feels like there is a delay to your QB getting set. So you push up on the stick to try and force the moving forward throw and suddenly you are throwing on the run. It may just take some time...but after three games...I still havent found comfort in passing.

Anyway....its good but it doesnt match up to Madden 07 I cant see it taking over for Madden 08 either.

taz80805420d ago

All great points and I agree with you. i do like this game overall, it is more offense oriented than a Madden but hey always were. I need to get some more hours in and I will give you a full review.