PSP 2 Release Date Spring 2011?

NG: Many expect Sony to give the world something on the inevitable sequel to its much-iterated PSP console at E3 less than a week from now. But, the question remains; when will it see the light of day on shop shelves? ...

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Conloles3144d ago

Why make this article? Youll find out in a week sheesh.

SuperStrokey11233144d ago

Why post in this thread? You will find out in a week too.

DoomeDx3144d ago

Hmm, maybe pacher was right indeed

nikkisixx23144d ago

LOL, why would it be released Spring 2011 when it hasn't even been announced or detailed?

frankymv3144d ago

PSP2 will launch Holiday 2010

SuperStrokey11233144d ago

With the long rumoured Uncharted PSP maybe? that would be something else.

mal_tez923144d ago

Or just a concept?

It looks pretty cool but I would rather the joysticks be below the button pads. That way it will be more similar to a PS controller.

Also, are their four shoulder buttons or just 2?

Plancy3144d ago

lol. you're joking, right?

mal_tez923144d ago

It was a genuine question.

blumatt3144d ago

I agree. I'd love to see a PSP2 that's basically laid out just like a Dualshock controller with a screen. Then it could play PS2 games when they come to the PS Store just like the PSP1 plays PS1 games from the PS Store. Imagine playing San Andreas on your PSP2. That would be sick!

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