A ‘Save Game’ Cloud?

Have you ever had a moment when you’ve turned on your PS3 for it to boot up and then show you a screen which states the Ps3 hard disk needs to be rebuilt? Ok, that doesn’t sound that bad but how about when it tells you your hard drive needs to be formatted?

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Joni-Ice3051d ago

When my orignal PS3 250gig yellowlight on me I lost all my game saves. This service should prevent me from losing them again.

Megaton3051d ago

Same here. I had a backup of a few of them, but that was eventually lost as well. Clouding this stuff would save people a lot of grief.

FACTUAL evidence3051d ago

if cloud comes out to be true.......DAMN!

catguykyou3051d ago

Would be nice for the simple fact that I cant go over to a friends house without having to bring my whole console with me. Makes me miss having memory cards. Even if the online system was stored both locally and via cloud, it would be nice. That way, if internet went out, I wouldn't be sol.

kneon3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

I do weekly backups of my PS3, yes I'm a geek, everything get's backed up around here, There's almost 10tb of backup drives in the house. Some of my backups have backups :)

Though I have never had to use a PS3 backup except when upgrading drives, this is the one feature of a premium PSN that I'd be willing to pay for. Not so much as a backup but so that I can go to any of my, or my friends PS3s, log in and continue playing where I left off.

BannedForNineYears3051d ago

"When my orignal PS3 250gig yellowlight on me I lost all my game saves. This service should prevent me from losing them again."

Take out your hard drive and put it in a new PS3? -_-
99% of the saves will work.
Demon's Souls being the 1%.

Dark_Overlord3051d ago

It tells you it must be formatted before use, so no, that wont work

BannedForNineYears3051d ago

Eh? Really? That's.......Lame. =(



BattleAxe3051d ago

I always back up my game saves with a USB Flash Drive.

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D4RkNIKON3051d ago

I can only imagine using the cloud to access your PS3 files, saves, friends and more through any internet connected PS3 via the cloud. Just having your HDD content saved on the internet for you to access anywhere.

xc7x3051d ago

cloud saving won't be a free service so why pay for a service you can do for free yourself.

D4RkNIKON3051d ago

I see your point but the paid service will obviously offer more than just this feature.

Bobby Kotex3051d ago

L4D on Steam already does this.

Pandamobile3051d ago

So does L4D2, Portal, TF2, and all the Half-Life 2 episodes.

For single player games it saves your save files to the cloud. For multiplayer games, it saves your hardware and control settings so you don't have to keep tweaking them.

xc7x3051d ago

if going by the disagrees,go ahead suckers. anyways,what additional "features" is there with cloud saving? i don't get what you mean.

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twin_rotary3051d ago

I'd like to have a auto-back at the very least. Say everytime you turn off the ps3 it backs up to the usb drive, or external hard drive.

Oh, and no LOCKED GAME SAVES! Hate that.

Aphe3051d ago

Do all games have locked saves? Just wondering because my mate got a ps3 today but he's got quite far into Infamous on my ps3 and he's gutted he can't just get his save off my one. I haven't looked into it too much but I was pretty sure you couldn't anyway.

AssassinHD3051d ago

Infamous is a trophy enabled game, so the save file will be locked to the profile that created it.

Aphe3051d ago

Thought as much, oh well guess he'll have to start it again or just finish it on mine.


Focker4203051d ago

Actually if he gets a USB flash drive (they're really cheap now) he can copy his game save onto that and then transfer it to his system. Thats what I do between my bedroom & living room systems. As for trophies hes out of luck, unless he has a separate online account on your system.

catguykyou3048d ago

You are right but trophies will be locked and he won't be able to get any.

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