Loot Ninja's Overlord (Xbox 360) Impressions

Loot Ninja got their hands on a copy of Overlord yesterday for the Xbox 360 and had a chance to put a couple of hours in and get a good taste of the game beyond what they had played in the demo. The game is surprisingly open ended in that you can kill innocent people or choose to spare them or even come back later and irradicate them. You are the Overlord and you make the calls.

Keep reading for the full impressions.

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FCOLitsjustagame4104d ago

Is loot Ninja overseas or someplace where this game hasnt been out for 3-4 weeks? I mean its not so much that he's just reviewing it now (sometimes things get delayed), its that he's not reviewing it but giving his first impressions like he just got a preview copy or something.

SpaceCowgirl4104d ago

I don't know why Overlord still needs to be reviewed when there are already a ton of reviews out there for it. Plus most people should know how awesome of a game it is already. (well at least I think it is awesome)