Agent still PS3 exclusive, confirms Take-Two

CVG: Take-Two has confirmed that Rockstar title Agent is still very much a PS3 exclusive.

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bnaked3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

I think it's the rumoured open world game with the mission editor.. Only possible on PS3 because you need a harddrive..

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TheBand1t3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

If I had to wager, you're Conlole's new account.

3056d ago
MexicanAppleThief3056d ago

He's a pretty funny guy lol, theres like only one PC fanboy on this site but had loads of multi-accounts.

Kinda pathetic really.

CoxMulder3056d ago

Which was lolsoles new account..

"All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again."


SG-173056d ago

Battlestar Galactica FTW!

RageAgainstTheMShine3056d ago

Microsoft No Swiping!
Microsoft No Swiping!

FarEastOrient3056d ago


I'm eating Carpica and SG Universe until something can replace those...

This game is exclusive to PS3 for the simple reason Rockstar owes Sony a title or more than $20 million dollars.

SG-173056d ago

The same for me, but with a side dish of Doctor Who.

CoxMulder3056d ago

It's a shame Caprica ended just as it began to get really interesting.
The same is happening to SG:U, last epi this friday.

Doctor Who is great. New doctor still needs to grow on me a bit but Amy makes up for that, and Steven Moffat is a great writer..

Still miss BSG though, that show cannot be replaced.

SG-173056d ago

Yeah, hopefully the next season of Caprica will be just as good (if not better) than the last few episodes of season 1. From what I've read about Incursion Part 2, it seems to be lining up to be the best episode of the season.

As for Doctor Who, the recent episode Vincent and the Doctor really sold me on Matt Smith's Doctor (I'm not sure if you are keeping up with the UK, I have (somewhat shamefully) by getting the new ones online).

CoxMulder3055d ago

Yeah, I've been watching them online even though we recieve BBC 1 and 2 here in Holland. Somehow I prefer watching shows online, maybe it's the HD quality streams..

Adding the Lucian Alliance to SGU was the best decision of the entire season.

Vincent and the doctor was a good episode, yet it annoyed me a bit. Seeing as I'm from Holland myself, hearing the Doctor call van Gogh, van GoFF constantly was a bit much..

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Persistantthug3056d ago

I was told some of the ICE team members were stepping in the help with some of the dev. programing, so it could imply a fresh new engine along with the EDGE toolset incorporated, but to claim a brand new engine would be a guess on my part.

It is possible that they could be retooling and optimizing the RAGE engine and making a specific version of it just for the PS3.

I'd be curious to know...but for now, I'd settle for some game pics.

Karlnag33056d ago

I think it's just gonna be an optimised RAGE engine and I'm cool with that. That way future PS3 titles from them will be running on that so we should see either a complete 180 on what is the better version of their games, or equality. Just what I think though.

bnaked3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

They've said it's a new engine..

secksi-killer3056d ago

thatalone for me makes me think that it will be that engine what they are using. i can not see them investing even more money in a new engine which they will only use for one console!

besides, the rage engine is pretty damn incrdedible, and i will be watching out for this at E3

inveni03056d ago

There's no way that Sony is going to let R* use a multiplat engine on an exclusive title--optimized or not. Using a multiplat engine on the PS3 for an exclusive would be absolutely pointless. I'm sorry, but it's not going to happen.

secksi-killer3055d ago

lol sony will not be able to dictate anything to R*. do you honstly think that sony can tell R* they must build a new engine just for the ps3 ?? rofl

sony will get what they're given! i will be very surprised indeed if build a new engine..

inveni03055d ago

Of course Sony can dictate...Here's how they do it:

1) Sony says: Use an engine that uses the Cell to its highest potential at this point in time.
2) R* says: No, we don't want to put that much work into it since it's exclusive.
3) Sony says: If you don't put any effort into making it good, then we'll not put any effort into helping it sell.
4) R* says: Our games sell themselves.
5) Sony says: We'll see about that.
6) R* says: Okay.
7) Sony goes 8 full months without showing ANYTHING Agent related. Building hype? Maybe. Not promoting a crappy game? Most likely.
8) At month 9, R* says: Okay, help us get this up to snuff. We didn't realize how awesome U2 and GOW3 were going to look.
9) Sony says: Okay.
10) Sony pitches in at rewriting the base of the code so that it utilizes the Cell from the ground up.
11) Sony unveils a little footage at E3 2010, blows people away.
12) Preorders skyrocket.
13) R* learns lesson.

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avengers19783056d ago

I never heard of this game being on anything but PS3.

8thnightvolley3056d ago

i am sure its always been ps3 only for this title was there a debate about this ?

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fourtwenty20093056d ago

X360 would just hold it back. PS3 exclusives are all win.

Dance3056d ago

red dead dead disagrees with ya

zootang3056d ago

Well it does have extra content and it was developed alongside the 360 version so that could of affected it considering xbox exclusives struggle with HD

ChronoJoe3056d ago

What's that got to do with it? RDR is a perfect example of how the 360 held the ps3 back. It agrees if anything.

bjornbear3056d ago

isn't a PS3 whats your point you illogical troll?

Official General3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

This is getting very laughable now. You 360 fanatics (not fans) keep bringing up this silly subject like its the only thing left you have against the PS3 to boast about. Damn whenever you 360 fanatics bring up this RDR issue, it's so clear to see the desperation in your comments and the fact that you're all clutching at straws real hard.

The PS3 version of Red Dead is not at all sub-HD and this was never officially cofirmed by Rockstar as fact. I own the PS3 version and it does not look inferior to the 360 version like those bogus screenshot comparisons have you believe, it looks brilliant and plays great. Whichever version looks better is a matter of subjective and personal opinion, but there clearly aint much difference between the two. So stop with da bullsh*t.

DigitalAnalog3056d ago

Final Fantasy XIII says hi.... oops, is that WHAT happens when it's designed from the PS3 from the ground up only to change the engine to a mult-plat engine and still come out on top...


-End statement

PCnPS3Gamer3056d ago

your trying to say forty wenty or whatever is trolling because he is stating facts....exclusives are better games especially on ps3.its funny when i think of 360 exclusives lol there really isnt any besides halo 3 and gears and those games are on their last should really just stick to exploiting software, but i am glad they lit a fire underneath sony to get their shit together aka 2006, 2007 rough times to own a ps3 they were. as yoda would say'

also im play RDR and yes like mentioned above theres quite a few glitches, the anti aliasing is brutal, i really wished this game was out for pc. i like my playstation 3 but the truth is when it comes to open world games consoles cant do AA worth shit...thats my only problem with rdr crappy AA lots of jaggys.... the gameplay is fun, and the story is cool. imo way more fun then gta 4....

also i hope to see agent at E3 would be a reall shame if it didnt show up. dont expect gta 5 R* is way to busy. And R* owes us some new Agent info...its been ages.

Xbox 360 it only does multiplats and a few over hyped exclusives :) hah

Ps_alm3k3056d ago

extra part of the map up top?
yea guess who is holding the gaming industry back?...

jeseth3056d ago


Not only do you reinforce what fourtwenty said if you believe that the 360 RDR is better, you fail to acknowledge that the PS3 version had more content in the game.


So if you believe RDR is better on 360 then fourtwenty is right in saying that the 360 version held it back, and if not, you also fail as the PS3 version has more content in the game.

This website is hilarious sometimes.

edit : most of the time.

krauler3056d ago

the word "fan" is actually short for fanatic

FarEastOrient3056d ago

Red Dead cost almost $100 million to make, it took a long time to develop it so they couldn't maximize it for one console to make up the cost, too much risk.

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vhero3056d ago

Red dead disagrees?? Amazing people say crap like that.. I mean if it was an exclusive it probably would have looked a lot better on PS3 and it might have stood a chance to match up to Uncharteds deserts scenery.

However multi-platform lowers the standards of games this is a fact as devs find it a lot cheaper to port from one to another than work on both consoles simultaneously of course not everything will port if you work this way so you gotta make cuts so you can port it correctly. Games like FFXIII were started originally on PS3 and worked on PS3 over a year before they even started the 360 version and had to cut stuff so they could port it. We saw the proof of this by comparing early shots to the finished game and the finished PS3 version to 360 version.

booni33056d ago

i think its so funny how you called out dance for trolling but ignored fourtwenty2009s clearly fanboy comment. But this entire site works that way, so what the hell.

bjornbear3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

well, point is fourtwenty2009 is hopeless, some trolls aren't worth it

dance however made a completely illogical rebuke

both are wrong, sorry i didn't make it clear that both are idiots.

BYE3056d ago

Exactly, why do they feel the need to reconfirm it, nobody ever doubted it's gonna be a PS3 exclusive.

bobdog6263056d ago

I know i don't but i hope its a good game though

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pixelsword3056d ago

That's good in terms of preserving the vision of the game, so overall I am glad. The fact that they have to emphasize that despite not making any contrary comments is a little disturbing, as they are as much victims as Clifford Brzezinski.

Veneno3056d ago

i think you mean *Cliffread Brewneski*