Devil May Cry 4: Experience A New Devil (New Details and Hands On)

PSU gets hands on with Capcom's Devil May Cry 4. New details included in the article state that Devil May Cry 4 will be seeing a late January, early February release due to Capcom having difficulty in the Xbox 360 development.

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Odion5422d ago

"Capcom does not comment on rumors or conjecture. In regards to a release date, DMC 4's previous release date has always been "TBA" and at E3 was updated to just "winter." We have confirmed that the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will be simultaneous release." - Capcom PR.

ya thats what i thought, they had already said DMC4 was being pushed back to 08 so they wouldn't have to compete with the fall lineup

Kleptic5422d ago

too little too late...I know its inveitable for games to be delayed...I would have considered this had it been a PS3 launch title like it was originally planned...I never cared about it being a lost exclusive...and now I just don't care about it at all...

I guess it was wise to delay it from this fall...both the 360 and PS3 have games that this game simply wouldn't be able to compete with imo...I loved the first DMC...and and never cared for 2 or 3...there still is a big fanbase for it I it will probably still sell...but holy crap...You know something isn't right when the developer/publisher "doesn't want to compete"...

MACHone5422d ago

"...Devil May Cry 4 will be seeing a late January, early February release due to Capcom having difficulty in the Xbox 360 development." Hmm, it's usually developers having trouble with the PS3.... I guess since this started as a PS3 exclusive, they're having some complications porting it over. Sigh, like it would kill Capcom to make it a PS3 timed-exclusive, but no, they have to be stubborn and have a "simultaneous release." Way to go, Xbox 360; first you have to mooch DMC4, and now you're making me wait longer to play it.

NoUseMerc5422d ago

I think that the delay could be due to them working the kinks out in making their engine run smooth for multiplatform development.

tomfoolery5422d ago (Edited 5422d ago )

you aren't interested in this game anymore.....remember?
Think also,how many times was the situation vice-versa with PS3
game development?

[email protected]5422d ago

For me this a strategy from Capcom... I'm sure of it that DMC4 it getting delayed for other reason... Like MANY UBER EXCELLENT EXCLUSIVE for both console this fall/winter and Capcom it getting the "FEAR" of the game don't sell as well at they expected on any of the both console.

CAPCOM UR ARE A BUNCH OF LOSER!. I totally lose any left hope on ur company or ur products. Stick with ur DMC4 on any console make a Wii or DS or PSP version if u want... I totally mad on u right now!, Bunch of loser!.

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The story is too old to be commented.