Firmware 1.90 Officially Confirmed by Sony

Sonyblog :

"A quick update: Sony have a new firmware upgrade in the works for PS3, it will be available for download in the next few days. Firmware 1.90 brings with it several new features, many of which readers of this blog have requested – I'm happy to report.

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XboxIsBad5423d ago

They said it would come to Europe and North America tomorrow. That is sad news

power of Green 5423d ago

but you seem slightly fanatical.

THX71685423d ago

So basically this guy got 4 disagrees because of his user name and avatar?

I don't really see anything in his comment that could be disagreed with.


LSDARBY5423d ago

Next few days???? That doesnt sound good

Maddens Raiders5423d ago

Are you sure dude? I was quite certain that it will hit NA sometime after Midnight. Sometimes I hate the internet.

JIN KAZAMA5423d ago

as long as its sometime this week, who cares. I cant wait till heavenly sword comes. Its gonna be the SHHIIIEEETTTTT!!!!

snoop_dizzle5423d ago

is there any other demos coming out this week?

Kleptic5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

a HS demo has been confirmed for all territories for this week apperantly...the 26th will be good for sure...

EDIT: uh oops...I didn't catch the "other" demo you already knew what I said...sorry man...

MACHone5423d ago

Heavenly Sword is the only one that has been announced, and considering its magnitude, it'll probably be the only one. However, there's a supposed Lair demo waiting for release on the PSN as well, and with Lair's actual launch just a few weeks away, there's a chance we'll be riding some demo-sized dragons in the near future.

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The story is too old to be commented.