PlayView Probably Not PSP2

TheSixthAxis writes:
This morning CVG posted what we think is a, frankly, ridiculous story about the recently trademarked "PlayView" being the new name for PSP2. We can't confirm or deny anything and if CVG's speculative stab at what the name might mean turns out to be correct we'll eat all the humble pie they can ship to us.

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koehler833053d ago

I think PlayView is likely their proposed '1 hour demo of full releases'. In the case of movies or even comics, the time limit would obviously be reduced to something more practical, but PlayView seems like an apt name for such a service.

darkdoom30003053d ago

Ha! i said this in the comments section of the other story.

It's probably the "PlayTV 2" that the developers said about.

alan0013053d ago

I agree that this can be the PlayTV 2
but didnt the 1st article say the device is portable?
No i know playtv is small but when I think of something prtable, i think its something u carry with you, like a phone or laptop. Ow well just gonna have to wait for E3

Sev3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

PlayTV is only available in EU. PlayView is a Sony Computer Entertainment of America owned trademark.

I've heard some things about what it is... Let's just say Google may be involved.

frankymv3053d ago

You have me salivating Sev!

Thanks for this!

Qui-Gon Jim3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )


trounbyfire3053d ago

really people don't believe everything

jay23053d ago

Like I said, I think its some kind of iPad killer, BUT PSP 2 is coming (in some form or other this year, (Annoucment wise, at lease). I'm 10000% sure on this).

Joni-Ice3053d ago

I wanted PlayTv but then I heard it was only for EU. Was pissed.