Resident Evil 5 on the PC? Capcom says 'Nope'

UK videogame Web site Spong recently posted an interview with Capcom's Keiji Inafune in which he makes a curious, matter-of-fact reference to Resident Evil 5... on the PC.

"As for Resident Evil 5, all we've done is shown the trailer and we've been instructed not to say anything more to anybody," Inafune told Spong. "Not just you press guys ... anyone. Other than it is scheduled for release next year on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360."

While the game has previously been announced for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, this would be the first reference -- anywhere -- to Resident Evil 5 making its way to the PC. Destructoid contacted Capcom to clear up any confusion.

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Al5423d ago

PC can't HANDLE the RE5! You know its true. (Don't take away my bubbles guys, I'm just kidding).

BlackTigea5423d ago

I mean it seems very possible that Re5 will go on PC, I mean if you look it at in past.. It will go to the PC. I'm assuming this is just a time exclusive for the Consoles before shipping it to the PC.

THE_JUDGE5423d ago

I'm really getting tired of these two worlds sharing and getting close. Ever notice how much the X360 looks like a Pc when standing? Microsoft wants everyone to play PC and I don't want to. I don't like PC gaming and would like to see them separate. I want to play a console period.

VirusE5423d ago

The judge some of us like to tweak our games and have tons of choice. Some games for pc are just too complicated to do on a console. I wouldn’t suggest just owning a pc for gaming but I also wouldn’t suggest not owning one either as you miss out on some great games. A pc and a 360 are vastly different. The ps3 has more in common with a pc than the 360 does (free online gaming, the option to use a keyboard and mouse for games, a browser and the ability to hook up a printer).

Cartesian3D5423d ago

Capcom didnt confirm 360 version just for MORE PEOPLE playing their games..

they did that for STH I dont know now..

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The story is too old to be commented.