Loot Ninja iPhone Impressions

Yes, Loot-Ninja got an iPhone. They didn't wait in line, they didn't sell their first-born, and they didn't have to donate a kidney.

So by now, they are sure you've read countless reviews about this thing and what it can and can not do. They are not going to focus on that because, well, everyone else has. They are going to give you real world hands on impressions.

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taz80805412d ago

I am very surprised by the abudancce of units available at launch. THese are actually easy to ge tnow, you can actually get multiples if you order them at the AT&T store. Very different than lets say the Wii.

drunkpandas5412d ago

Steve Jobs knew there was going to be an insane demand on these things, and made sure there was ample stock available for anyone that wanted one.

taz80805412d ago

It is also interesting how people are already looking to get around the 2 year contract. There are ways to crack the phone already and use pre-paid cards. Where there is a will there is a way.

Kaneda5412d ago

It is freaking awesome. EDGE is kind of slow...but way faster than modem. battery life is good if you just listen to MP3, but video will drain your battery fast.

Voicemail is freaking sweet. Google map is awesome...

It is expensive though.

Audiggity5412d ago

I'm thinking it's still worth waiting for competition or at least an updated iPhone (iPhone V2? iPhoneToo? MePhone? iPwn?) Anyway...

iHeard rumors about a new version already in the works for $299! Sign me up; sadly iAm stuck with the craptastic Razr. Oh, such I rant I could go on about my stupid phone.

If I had the money, this would be myPhone. No such luck

taz80805412d ago

Rumors are floating around about an iPhone Nano coming soon. There are also other phones that are very similar over seas, check a phone called the Prada.